Monday, May 17, 2010

The Giz

Justin and I have a sweet and adorable dog named Gizmo, though we frequently refer to her simply as "the Giz". The Giz is a German Sheppard mix. When Justin went to the humane society in Auburn to purchase a dog, the vet told him that she would probably max out around 45 pounds. I so want to go find that dude. The Giz weighs in typically anywhere from 80-95 pounds. She does not realize she is a dog. She thinks she is just like all of us, hence, she does things that most humans do (i.e. sleeping in the bed on the pillows, watching TV on the couch, etc.).

The one thing that drives me crazy about the Giz is that she has SO. MUCH. HAIR. She sheds all over the place and I have to vacuum at least once a week because of it. When it gets to be summertime like it is now, we've gotten into the habit of shaving her. She loves it because she's not as hot as she would be if she still had all that hair. And, like most dogs, she is unaware of the phrase "beauty over comfort". Mainly because with her, comfort wins with a landslide. Example of what I'm talking about:

This is the Giz with all her hair:


This is The Giz now:



She doesn't realize that daddy sucks at giving a buzz cut, all she knows is that now she can go sit outside all day long and be comfortable. By the way, this is reason number 326 why my husband will NEVER groom our children. Justin probably just read that and in his mind (or even out loud) is thinking "Sweeeeeeeeeeeet. Dodged a bullet."

So obviously this weekend Justin cut the Giz's hair. After shaving it all off and filling up an entire trash bag of Giz hair, Justin discovered that Do-Dah-Day was this weekend in Birmingham and they were shaving animals and collecting the hair to take to the Gulf to help out with the oil spill. Not only could we have helped the greater good had we known this information earlier, but just maybe, the Giz would have comfort AND beauty.

Friday night, Justin and I had plans to go eat dinner at Stix with the Lobdell's. We got there first so we got us a table for four. While ordering our drinks, Justin saw Rob and Lauren pull in the parking lot. We immediately called Trevor because if we were having six people, we needed a bigger table. Turns out, Trevor hadn't invited Rob and Lauren, it was just a complete coincidence that they were there. So we still got a bigger table and all ate together. Naturally, Justin and I couldn't eat all our food and had to get a to go box....and naturally, we left it on the table when we left. We always do that.

Saturday we ate lunch at Mr. P's with my sister, Lindsey, who was in town for the day. Afterwards, we ran a couple of errands and then came home so he could shave the Giz and I could cut the grass. Yes, I cut the grass. My sweet husband has the worst allergies known to man this time of year and when he cuts the grass it gets them all flared up, so being the awesome wife that I am, I did it for him. When I was done I went to go see this movie with my long time friend Ashley Matherson (also refered to on this blog as "Aflac":



Seriously, Matherson and I laughed the entire time during this movie. It was supposed to be a romantic movie, but it was absolutely horrific. The acting was terrible, the music was terrible, I absolutely wasn't convinced of the "chemistry" of the actors, but most importantly, the script was just complete crap. This is seriously the worst movie I have seen in a very long time, which was not fun for me because I thought it looked really good and I really wanted to see it. Huge letdown. My apologies to Russell Crowe and the cast of Robin Hood.

Sunday we went to church and then I had to go to Tuscaloosa to get my hair some much needed highlighting action. It was an uneventful weekend, but the first weekend in a while we hadn't been super busy or out of town so I got a ton of stuff done. This week is my Friday off at work and Justin and I are trying to decide if we're going to take a roadtrip to do some highpoints. We were originally going to drive for two days to do the Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Missouri highpoints, but we haven't decided for sure yet. I guess we'll see how the week goes. I hope everyone has a blessed week!


The Langham's said...

The Giz looks embarrased. Tell her it's just hair and it'll grow out. J/K. She is adorable even with her short hair-do.

Brenna Ball said...

Poor Giz! Thanks for saving me the time from watching Letters to Juliet. I'm sure it was quite the let down. Got to hate when that happens!

The Lobdell's said...

Poor Giz! I remember when yall did that last year. Boo for the road trip hang out with me!

Mei said...

FYI, poor Giz can sunburn now, so you may need to use sunscreen!

Sam said...

aw, your pup is cute both with hair and without! I'm sad your review for Letters to Juliet are bad! I thought it looked good, too. I might still see it, just because I love seeing movies :)

I live in Missouri! What highpoints were you planning on going to?

Love your blog :)

Jennifer said...

Your dog looks so sad!

I love your blog. You are way more ambitious than me to climb to the highest point of all those states.

I don't even want to live in a two-story house so I don't have to climb stairs!

Samantha said...

Marcie, I'm gonna have to respectfully disagree with you here--I think The Giz IS familiar with the phrase "beauty over comfort" because she looks humiliated in that picture! Haha. You should sing Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful" to her (that's what I would do) "...don't you bring me dowwwnnnn...ooohhhh, toooodayyyyyy..."

Justin and Marcie said...

I promise that the Giz is not upset or embarassed or anything like that. She was upset at that moment because she knew I was about to leave the house. She hates watching Justin and I leave. I swear she loves her new haircut!!!!

Samantha said...

Ahhh, I can totally see that now. Laney gives me that guilt trip every day. She once followed me into the garage and jumped into the car like she was gonna go to work with me. They're so pitiful, aren't they?