Thursday, January 29, 2009

So much to do, so little time....

It's starting to get pretty busy these days because of work. This week ends the 50 hour workweeks and next week starts 55 hour workweeks and working on Saturdays! Some people keep asking me why I'm planning so much of my wedding when we just got engaged two weeks ago. Work is why! My mother has been making appointments with photographers and florists and we're realizing that no one will meet on Saturdays or late at night during the week. If I waited until next week to make some of these appointments, I wouldn't be able to go to them!!! Regardless, after we pick a photographer, I'M DONE! I'm not doing anything else wedding related for a several months! I'm very lucky to have my mom, sister, and Justin's mom. Justin's mom is SOOOOOO excited. It's funny to see her be more excited than even me! She emails me new ideas everyday and she's pretty much planned the entire rehearsal dinner...invitations and all! She's been such a huge help and I can't wait til she's my mother-in-law :)

However, I have come to the realization that the hardest part of planning a wedding is trying to figure out showers, dates, and who to invite to those showers! Justin and I are so very blessed to have so many friends and family offer to throw us showers. It's unfortunate that we've gotten to the point where we've had to turn people down! But as I sit down with my calendar to map out the showers, I realize how busy our summers are going to be. In April alone we have 3 weddings, 3 showers, 2 birthdays and an anniversary!!! We now officially have NO free weekends between March 28th and our wedding day. HOW CRAZY IS THAT! We had a trip to the Grand Canyon planned for April but can't even do that now because we have no time to take it! But when I get pissed off about not being able to go to Havasu Falls, I rest easy when I think of my honeymoon...10 days and 9 nights in Hawaii. Is it bad that both me and Justin are more excited about the honeymoon than the actual wedding???

We went to Chase and Allison's wedding on January 24th. It was a great day and the both of them were so incredibly happy! The wedding ceremony was beautiful and the reception was amazing as well. It was at American Village in Montevallo and the church was so packed that people were standing up in the back! Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Williamson!!!!

Mr. and Mrs. :)

First dance as husband and wife