Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen....We Have A Date!

It's official!!! Our wedding date will be July 25th, 2009. The ceremony will take place at St. Mark United Methodist Church and the reception will be at B&A Warehouse. Justin and I originally wanted an August wedding, and we tried really hard to get that, but we could never get the church and B&A available on the same date in August. We didn't want to go later than August because we run into football season. So since we live in the south, we are steering clear of the months of August - December. January through April of 2010 would be my busy season so there is NO WAY I could get married and go on a honeymoon during that period of time. So basically it was either get married in July 2009 or May 2010. Naturally, we wanted the one in 2009. Six months is definitely a short period of time, but with the help of my mom and God's gift to wedding planning (aka Lindsey Smith), it can definitely be done.

St. Mark United Methodist Church

B&A Warehouse

Justin also told me that he bought the rights to for two years :) Pretty sure I have the best fiancee EVER!!!! (And yes, it is still weird to call him that). As soon as I have some time to put up a wedding website, I will. I'm in the process, but it's not finished and we haven't linked it to yet so if you go to the website now, you won't see anything. I'll make a blog post when we link it so everyone can see.


Allison said...

I planned ours in 6 months and it turned out great. You can do it too! Let me know if you need any help or suggestions. Happy planning!