Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Learning Colors

Couple of things to note during this video.  First, you may hear me sniffing my nose very loudly.  Prior to recording this video, he thought this was HILARIOUS.  Not so much while on video though.  Just wanted to point that out so people don’t think I’m crazy.  If you’re a mom, you know we all do the weirdest things just to make our babies laugh because it’s the sweetest sound on the planet.  Second, he totally knows the color blue, I promise.  He for some reason didn’t want to say it.  But he says “Boooooo” when I hold up a blue letter.  And finally, because I’ve gotten this question a TON by people that see his bath pictures on Instagram, the colored water IS on purpose.   We have some Elmo water tablets that turn the water certain colors.  It only comes with red, blue and yellow, but you can mix to get other colors.  I mixed yellow and blue to get the green in this video.  Carter LOVES the colors of the water.  Here’s what it looks like in case you’re interested (purchased at Wal-Mart but they have them on Amazon, too):



Chelley N said...

That green bath water is too fun! Don't you love how kids will say/do something 100 times, but as soon as you get the video camera out they refuse to do it :-)

Fiona said...

What a cutie!! :) Love the idea of colouring the bath water. I'll have to get that next time we're in Canada or the US. So fun!