Monday, March 25, 2013

The Easter Bunny

Our church had it’s children’s Easter celebration this past weekend.  Justin and I got Carter ready and met with his sister Jennifer and her husband and their twin girls.  We ate breakfast and then attempted to get pictures with the Easter Bunny.

I was hesitant about this.  Carter didn’t have the best reaction to Santa Clause (see video):

So naturally I was fearful of his reaction to the Easter Bunny.

Well, he sort of proved me wrong.  At first we got a couple of decent shots of him with the bunny (no framers though).  He wiggled and squirmed a bit, but at least he allowed the bunny to hold him.  He kept reaching up and touching the bunny’s nose and tongue.

IMGP8489 IMGP8490 IMGP8494

After taking pictures, we went to the gym where the Easter Egg hunt was being held since it was raining outside.  Here’s what an Easter Egg hunt looks like when it’s in a gym instead of outside:


Eggs everywhere for the taking!

So the Easter Bunny came into the gym and just stood in the center of the room watching the kids all go after the eggs.  Carter was ZERO interested in eggs.  He made a straight line for the bunny.

IMGP8512 IMGP8515

He literally followed this bunny EVERYWHERE.

IMGP8516 IMGP8517

And he even cuddled with the bunny.  I guess he thought the outfit was soft :)

Either way, mommy was proven wrong by Carterman.  He actually did like the Easter Bunny.  Other pictures from the day:


Cynthia kept putting her basket on her head because it made Carter laugh.  She has even begun to say his name.  She says “Arrr Arrr”.  I know, it sounds like a dog, but that’s what she says when she refers to him.


Anything to make her cousin laugh, I guess :)


The Gault family.  Justin’s sister, Jennifer, her husband Aeron and our twin nieces, Cynthia (left) and Celia (right).


Me and my boo :)

And here’s a quick video of Carter’s push-and-pull relationship with the bunny.  He looks ready to get off the bunny’s lap, but when he does, he just follows him and laughs!


Chelley N said...

Kids are always good to make liars out of their parents! Whenever I say my kiddos will or won't like something, they always do the opposite :-)

Joy said...

So cute... and I love that he really wanted to be all over the bunny. Maybe he is conquered that fear?! Happy Monday!!

Stephanie said...

How cute that he followed the Easter bunny around! I wanted to take Chloe on Saturday, but it started snowing. I'm hoping to make it out sometime this week and get her picture taken, but I know one of these times here soon we are going to get the infamous screaming baby photo - it just might be this time. :)

Meg {henninglove} said...

he wasn't as afraid of the easter bunny in that first photo i can't tell if he was liking it or not but then in the following photos he seemed to be enjoying at or at least wasn't terrified of it

Fiona said...

So cute to see him being indecisive on whether he likes or dislikes the giant bunny!! :) Also love that he goes to get Henry (is that his giraffe's name?) out of your bag!! :)