Friday, March 29, 2013

Blog Lovin’

I see now why I kept seeing these posts for Blog Lovin’.

I must admit, I never used Google Reader.  I don’t use my phone to look at blogs, I only look at them when I’m at the computer.  So I never needed Google Reader because I would just go to my blog and look at my blogroll and see what new blogs were out there for me to read. 

Once Google Reader went away (apparently), I started seeing all my blog friends post a link to their blog on “Blog Lovin”.  I decided to research this a bit and turns out there’s an app that will automatically let me know when one of my friends has a new blog post.  That’s pretty nifty I guess!  So I went to search for my blog on the site and sure enough it was there.  I tried to “claim” it as mine but it said I have to make a post with the following link in order to claim it:


Follow my blog with Bloglovin!

So now I get why everyone has been making these posts with these links.  They have to claim their blogs in order to use the app.  So in case you’re interested, here’s my blog lovin’ link!