Sunday, November 13, 2011

Baby Shower #3

So baby shower number 3 happened on 11.10.11.  It was a shower thrown by 8 of my closest friends at work.  I have to start this by saying how truly blessed I am to have the job I have at the firm I work for.  Our shareholders allow wedding and baby showers that are usually really big showers!  It’s not just getting a gift here or a gift there….the firm will spend hundreds on your shower not to mention the 40+ people at work that usually chip in for your gifts.  We racked up at this shower and I am so grateful for my job and the shareholders I am working for.

I should preface this by saying that the 8 people that hosted my shower know me better than a lot of people and one of the things they have ALWAYS made fun of me for is the fact that I listen to Christmas music starting in September.  Seriously.  I will listen to it on my computer on pandora until it finally comes on 96.5 in November.  The day of my shower I was told not to go near the training room (where the showers are held).  When it was time for the shower to start, they came and got me and Justin from my office and wanted me to enter the room first.  This is what I saw:


On top of the fact that the entire room was decorated for Christmas, there was also Christmas music playing in the background.  To see that they took so much time to make this shower so specifically for me absolutely made my month.  When I opened the door to the room I just stared in awe and my friend, and host, Ashley said “are you going to cry?”.  My response was “I might”.


These are four of some of my favorite people at work, three of which were hosts.  Meredith, Julie, Marlene and Mindy (yes, we have TONS of M names at our job).


I got my Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper, which was something I intended to buy if no one else had bought it.  It’s what Carter will sleep in when he’s in our room the first several weeks.


I also got my changing pad and a blue cover to go with it.  Another thing I was going to have to buy. 


Justin’s a lot like me, he doesn’t really like opening presents in front of a lot of people.  It’s just awkward.  But he knew he’d have to do that at this shower.


Dryer for washed bottles


LOVE THIS!!!  Another one of my favorite people at work, Emily, hosted, but instead of putting money in for the host gift, she gave me something on her own.  How stinkin ADORABLE is this?!?!


Cute little Christmas bib


I was extremely shocked and very thankful that I got this.  It’s the breathable monitor by AngelCare movement.  I hadn’t originally registered for this.  A couple of months ago, two of our good friends, Joe and Katy, lost their 9 week old son to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).  It’s when babies die from just rolling over onto something on accident and not being able to roll back and they suffocate.  I’d heard of it of course, but until then, it had never happened to anyone I knew.  Walt’s funeral was the most emotional event I’ve ever been to and I honestly cried for days for the Bridges family and also out of fear of if that could happen to Carter.  I immediately registered for this afterwards.  It’s a monitor pad that goes under the crib mattress that detects movements so small, like breathing.  If the baby is sleeping in his crib and stops breathing for 20 seconds, the handheld alarm (which will be in our room) will go off indicating we need to run faster than ever upstairs to help him.


Another big thing we got was Carter’s play mat


And another big item I wasn’t expecting was the ExerSaucer.  They literally bought all the big things  on my registry that was left with exception to one.  On top of all the gifts, the shareholders gave me a very generous amount of money to complete any items off my registry that we hadn’t gotten yet. Have I mentioned that I love my job and coworkers?? 


Jenny said...

WOW! What wonderful coworkers you have! So happy for y'all! Love the shirt you are wearing!

Justin and Marcie said...

Jenny - I got it from Motherhood Maternity. Best place ever to shop when you're pregnant. Stuff is SUPER cheap and soooooooo cute!!!