Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Baby Shower #4….Sort Of.

We did have a fourth baby shower….sort of.  I guess you can count anything as a shower if it involves people coming over to one central location and providing gifts for the baby.  Justin’s buddies threw him a diaper shower last weekend while he was in town.  It was hosted by two of his really good friends, Trevor and Yarbrough.  All the guys came over to our house to watch the Auburn/Georgia game and brought diapers for Carter.  I wasn’t at the house, so it was an all guys day.  My breastfeeding class was that day at Saint Vincent’s satellite location on Hwy 119.  Justin was supposed to go with me but it was the only day they could do the diaper shower, so I had Tiffany go with me instead.  Not that Justin would have been helpful in any way for that class, I just really wanted someone to go with me so that I wasn’t by myself.  It was actually more beneficial and made more sense for Tiffany to be there with me instead of Justin since she has boobs too.

The class was supposed to be from 9am-12:30, but it was actually over early at 11:30, so we headed back to my house to pick up some items I’ve gotten duplicates of at my showers to take back to Buy Buy Baby.  I also had several gift cards that I got at my showers that I went ahead and used to purchase a few of the things that were still on my registry that I really wanted.  We got back to my house before the man shower was actually over so we just went upstairs in the nursery and unpacked/arranged some things.

We racked up on the diapers and wipes though!!!!  I really hope Carter stays in size 1’s for a while…


And while Trevor and Yarbrough were at Publix buying things for the shower, Yarbrough told Trevor “you know, we should get a cake.  Chicks have cakes at showers don’t they?”


Not like cakes chicks have, but I was still thoroughly impressed that they thought to get a cake.  And it was FRIGGIN DELICIOUS!!!

I had my 33 week appointment the day before this shower and it went well.  I saw one of the docs that I actually hadn’t seen yet, so as of now I’ve seen everyone except for one doctor and from what I understand from others, that doctor doesn’t do deliveries anymore.  So I think I’ve met everyone that would have a chance at delivering Carter.  I have my top 3 of course.  I’m hoping that one of those 3 will be around the day Carter comes.  I told the doc about my extreme headaches and dizziness that I was experiencing and she said that if it happens again to go home and lay in bed and take 2 extra strength Tylenol and if it doesn’t go away to call.  Luckily, I haven’t had it happen since Halloween.

I asked when I would be at the point where I wouldn’t be allowed to leave town.  She said that I can go anywhere in the continental US up until 37 weeks and then I need to stay put.  We were asking because Justin is doing a race in Georgia the first weekend of December and it’s right next to Calloway Gardens where they do a HUGE Christmas lights spectacular that I REALLY want to go to since he’s running right next to it.  However, that race is a mere 3 days before I turn 37 weeks.  I told Justin that I would schedule my 36 appointment for the Friday that we’d leave to head up there and see what my progression is like before making the decision to go or not.  Chances are, if I’m dilated at all I won’t go.  It just makes me nervous.  I still may not go, even if I’m not progressing yet, depending on how I’m feeling.  As of now I’m feeling TONS of cramps and Braxton hicks contractions that just make me uncomfortable so I may just stay at home in bed. 

My appointments are now weekly so my next one is next Wednesday (day before Thanksgiving) at  10:15am.  This is when they will “check me” the first time.  I’m kind of nervous about it.  Mainly because I think what other people have been telling me is true and that I’m doing way too much and haven’t been resting enough.  I’m afraid that I may be too progressed for 35 weeks and that the doc will put me on limited or even full bed rest.  We’ll just see how it goes I guess.  Justin is on his last week of travels  this week and when he get home tomorrow, he’ll be home for good.  THANKFULLY.  I am about to utilize his services in opening all the gifts that are still in boxes and putting them together (things like the pack n play, co-sleeper, diaper holder, etc).  Hopefully we’ll be ready for this baby before he’s ready to be with us.  I’ll be full term in LESS THAN THREE WEEKS!!!  I am in such shock at that statement.


Jenny said...

What a great idea for the guys to get together like that! They need special showers just like we get!

Y'all did rack up on some diapers!

Lauren K said...

Glad to hear you haven't had any headaches lately! I CANNOT WAIT to see you!!!!!!!