Thursday, November 3, 2011

Baby Shower #1

Am I on a blogging roll or what?!?!  I’ve done three blogs in one week!!!  GO ME!!  This past Sunday was my very first baby shower and it was hosted by some fabulous ladies at our church.  We attend St. Mark United Methodist in Vestavia and Justin and his family have been members at this church since Justin was a one year old, so his family is very close to many people there.  These women gave me probably one of my best wedding showers due to the attendance and they didn’t disappoint in Carter’s baby shower either.  Here’s some pics from the shower. 


This is me with my grandmother and my step-mother.  I was so glad they were able to come up from Moundville for the shower!


Nanny with all of her granddaughters


Can’t even express how friggin AMAZING these things were!!!


I am so blessed that so many people bought gifts for Carter.  It took me a while to open them…I even had to take a bathroom break before I could finish!!


Justin’s grandparents got us Carter’s pack and play.  It’s still in the box in the man room in our house, but Justin is going to put it together when he gets home from his traveling schedule.


Everyone mingling!!


My present opening audience.  I really don’t love opening presents in front of people…it makes me nervous!


I was opening the gift from my momma.  She got us the Mama-Roo…something I have heard is an absolute MUST!


This is a sound machine that attaches to his crib.  I’ve also heard wonders about this thing and how it puts babies to sleep very quickly!!


This is the most true statement that can be made…..for BOTH of his grandmothers!


How stinking cute is my nephew!?!?! 


Loving the ducks and cars outfits I got!!

We had a great shower!  Several of the church members read my blog so I want to say thank you SO much to those of you that were able to come and that bought Carter gifts.  I am so very appreciative!  Also, thanks so both of my sisters and my mom for helping me unload all of these gifts into my house.  It took three cars to get it all and that would have been an awful three trips to the church had I not had their help!  My next shower is this Sunday at my friend Lindsey’s house.  That shower is more for friends and family and is hosted by Lindsey, Tiffany and Carina.