Monday, November 7, 2011

Baby Shower #2

Back to back baby showers??  YES PLEASE!!!  And we’re not even done yet!  I have another one from my co-workers this Thursday and then the boys are having a diaper shower for Justin this Saturday at our house.  We’re racking up!!

The second baby shower was hosted by three of my very best friends in the world, Lindsey Owens, Tiffany Lobdell and Carina Sanchez.  It was held at Lindsey’s house in Homewood and we mainly invited my close family and friends.  There ended up being about 20 people there so it was a great turnout!  See below for pictures!!!


This is my friend Shelly.  Shelly just got a new job and is working with my mom!!!  My mom LOVES Shelly.  I think she was more excited when Shelly got the job because it meant she’d see her everyday than she is about Carter being born.  Seriously.


I recruited Lydia and Anderson to help me open presents.  The big fat belly has gotten in the way of me being able to bend over to pick things up.


Allison Williamson got me the cutest monkey outfit that came with mittens and socks and a super sweet little hat!!!  Can’t wait for Carter to wear it!  I don’t know why, but I am LOVING outfits with things on the butt!! 


This came on the present that Debbie and Gordon gave us.  Love it!


How super cute is this cross that Tiffany made for him??  It’s going in his nursery somewhere, just haven’t decided whether it will be on the door to his room or on the wall above the changing table. 


Definitely blog-worthy to mention that my sweet friend Melanie (the one I used to work with that Justin and I hooked up with one of his best friends, Wade, and the two got married this July) got Carter the cutest and softest elephant stuffed animal!!  I hope Carter loves it and I hope daddy doesn’t “accidentally lose it” at some point.


This is me utilizing my assistants…


Again, LOVE outfits with something on the butt!!!  So cute!!!


One of my other long time friends, Ashley, got Carter this onesie called “babybook”.  It’s like facebook, but for babies.  It’s actually hilarious when you read it.  It says things like “email:” and “position: sitting up”.  But the best was “status: wondering when someone will change my diaper”


Our friend Bonnie’s mom was able to come to the shower (Bonnie is the one that lives in Houston and goes on a lot of our hiking trips with us).   She gave us this umbrella stroller and a few other things as well.


My sister-in-law got us his Tummy Time mat.


My sister Lindsey got him a cute polar bear outfit complete with the cutest ever polar bear hat!


And Tiff got a ton of his bath accessories.  I promise I’m more excited about the bath accessories than I look in this picture!


My sweet niece and nephew


Me and Melanie


Aflac!!!  (Her name is Ashley Matherson…we’ve been calling her “Aflac” for what seems like forever…not really sure why that started though.


Mom and Lindsey


The lovely hostesses!!


And of course the baby daddy!  I made him come over to help me load up all the gifts we got because they wouldn’t all fit in my car.  Also, check out the sweet diaper cake that Tiffany did in the background.  I wish I had gotten a picture of just that, but once I reassemble it in the nursery I’ll take a picture.

Incredible shower overall and again, I am so blessed and grateful for everyone that came to shower Carter with gifts!!  He’ll be here soooooooo soon!!!  I can’t wait!