Friday, April 9, 2010

Thirsty Thursday

Yesterday was the first Thirsty Thursday of the season! Justin and I headed to the Hoover Met (yes, I know it is technically called Regions Park now, but it will ALWAYS be the Hoover Met to me) with Wade and Melanie in tow. Wade is a forever friend of Justin's and my absolute fave of his friends and Melanie is a girl I work with. Justin and I successfully played match-maker with the two of them and it was WAY more successful than I would have ever thought.

Anyway, we all drove out to the game and met up with Tiffany and Trevor Lobdell, Devin Taylor, and Chase and Allison Williamson with precious little BR in tow. We had so much fun! But I must back up a little bit. This week was Justin's birthday, he's 28 now. OLD. He was working the whole week in Eagle Lake, TX so I didn't get to spend his birthday with him, but thankfully our friends in Houston, Bonnie and Andrew, took him to dinner and played around in the REI Houston store. So at least he wasn't sitting in a hotel room on his birthday, and I'm thankful for that.

When he came home on Thursday night, I had a little surprise waiting for him. Well, it wasn't really a surprise, but I'll get into that in a minute. I made him a cake :)


Before you say anything, I wouldn't have normally made my manly husband a pink cake, but strawberry icing is one of his favorites, so I had to make it pink. I had some help from Melanie the night before and she suggested sprinkles to bring in some color to make it more "boy".

So the funny story of how he knew about it was this...

I was emailing Melanie back and forth about some stuff, and she said something really funny and I forwarded it to Justin...not realizing that I forwarded it ALONG WITH the previous emails in the conversation. Emails in which I told her that since we both were going to be working late, we needed Wade to go buy some sprinkles and wax paper from the store. So yeah, Justin knew before he ever came home. Why does he have to be so observant?!?!?


Another rather funny story here. My mom sent Justin a birthday card and this was the card. She apparently found it years ago and bought it because not only did it have my name in it, but it was spelled the same way I spell my name. So she bought it waiting for the right occasion to use it...which apparently was Justin's birthday.

Some pics from Thirsty Thursday:





I didn't get any pictures of Chase and Allison and BR :( I was going to take a picture of me and BR because I've never had a picture with her, but Tiff stole her and then BR fell asleep in Tiff's arms. Maybe next time.


Lauren said...

and you say you can't cook - you've got MAD cake decorating skills!! Way more neater than I could have ever done!

Justin and Marcie said...

Unfortunately, I didn't do it all by myself. Melanie is a mad cake decorator and helped out a lot. I'm learning from her cakes from now on will be rockstar status ;)