Saturday, August 2, 2008

Little girls are angels from God

I got to meet my brand new one week old niece today. I came into Birmingham yesterday and drove to Tuscaloosa very early this morning to spend the entire day with Lydia and Anderson. Lydia is the most beautiful little girl in the world. Yeah I know, I'm a little bias, but that's ok. She is a spitting image of her mother's side of the family (which is great, because Anderson looked nothing like her and everything like his daddy). Lydia has my sister Jennifer's curly black hair from when she was a baby. She also has my nose and Lindsey's mouth/lips. She's been a very good baby all day. She's had several visitors today and it hasn't really gotten to her. She doesn't cry much, just sleeps and eats like clockwork.

Her eyes open pretty often and she is a very curious baby. She's constantly looking around her and I swear she even smiled at me (of course my mom and Lindsey seem to think that is only because she had gas). Lydia was born on Friday, July 25 at 5:31pm. Unfortunately for me, I was in Colorado when she was born. It was very hard for me when I found out Lindsey had given birth. I was literally watching a moose eat grass with Justin when I got the news. All I could do was cry. I was so upset that I wasn't there. Jeff and Lindsey wanted me to film the birth and I desperately wanted to as well. She was 7lbs. 14 oz. and was 19 1/4 inches long. Such perfection for such a small person.
Anderson absolutely loves his "baby sista". He is constantly loving on her and kissing her every chance he gets. He usually kisses her head, but will sometimes kiss her arms or her feet. It really is the cutest thing in the world to watch. He loves her so much already!
She sleeps so much and is the smallest thing I have ever seen!! God truly has put a major blessing on the Smith family and I know that they thank Him everyday for his blessings. I thank God everyday to have such a wonderful and healthy niece and nephew. I only wish I could see them more often.
Oh and Lindsey and I decided that she looks amazing in green!!! With her dark hair and skin color, a light mint green looks the best on her so far :)
Of course we can't forget about the little man. Little man is having to make many adjustments getting use to the 4th addition to the family. The one thing he will never have to worry about is getting attention from his Auntie M. I couldn't love this little boy more if he were my own.

Please continue to keep the Smith's in your prayers as Lindsey is about to have to conquer the world next week when Jeff returns to work and she is left with a newborn who feeds every three hours, a two year old that is not capable of relaxing, and a stomach that is recovering from a major surgery. She will certainly have her hands full and this is all new territory to her. Please keep them both in your prayers since neither of them has gotten a full night's sleep in days and even weeks. These children are my life....


Lauren K. said...

She is ALL lips! So beautiful and sweet! Congrats Auntie M!