Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sweet Home Alabama....Lord I'm Coming Home To You

Ok, well let's face it, I'm with the Lord no matter where I live. BUT I AM MOVING HOME TO MY SWEET HOME OF ALABAMA!!! I accepted an offer on Friday afternoon to work as a Senior Accountant at a local CPA firm located in Riverchase. I was always planning on moving back to Birmingham at some point. I was planning on doing it in June 2009, however certain situations occurred causing me to want to go home sooner than that.

First off, I miss my nephew like crazy. I see him often now, but not as much as I want to. I hate keeping up with Anderson through my sister's blog. Pictures and some videos don't do justice for spending time with little man. Secondly, my brand new niece was born on July 25, 2008. I started looking for a job before Lydia was born, but as her due date got closer, I started getting impatient. Also a rather large factor was Justin. When you love someone as much as we love each other, it becomes unbearable to spend so much time away from them. Justin and I started out seeing each other every other weekend. As time passed, we couldn't go a single weekend without him coming to Nashville or me going to Birmingham. With gas prices where they are, it was getting too expensive for either of us to be traveling that much.

Most of my close friends and family know that I was originally planning on moving to New York City this summer. I had a couple of interviews and even had a few girlfriends that were planning on moving there as well and we were all going to live together. New York is my sanctuary. I do not know why I have such and obsession with it, but it is definitely the one city in the US that has my whole heart. I've been several times and never want to leave once I get there. When me and my mom went last November, we even looked at several apartments in the Queens and Brooklyn area. The whole purpose of taking her to NYC was to make her feel better about me moving so far away. She felt much better when she realized that I knew the city like the back of my hand, even though she said she wouldn't visit often because she hated it :) That dream was a very hard one to let go of. I still wish there was some way I could have what I have in Birmingham in NYC. As much as I love the city and the atmosphere up there, my family means more to me. I cannot imagine giving up Justin to live there and seeing Anderson and Lydia only a couple of times a year.

Needless to say, I am very happy about my decision to move home. I look forward to taking Anderson for a weekend so that Lindsey and Jeff can have some time to themselves and to Lydia. I am so excited to be able to take him to the zoo or the McWane Center in Birmingham. I'll be able to see Justin on a daily basis and have girls nights with the people that know me best. AND I WON'T HAVE TO TRAVEL TO DO IT!!

My last day at BDO Seidman will be on August 20th and I will be moving on the morning of the 21st. I won't actually start my job until the 27th which is good because it will give me some time to get Alabama things (license plate, new license, etc). I am VERY excited to be joining this firm. I can hardly contain my excitement, but will miss so much about Nashville.

I couldn't have made it through my time in Nashville without my friend Lillian. She was definitely a godsend when she moved here this year. She is one of my best friends and it sucks to think that I can't just call her up and go to lunch one day. But I already have two trips planned to come back to Nashville, so I know I will see her on both of those. My roommate Edria has also been amazing and completely understanding through this entire process. I feel absolutely horrible just leaving her here by herself, but she knows that I have to do this. And of course my work friends have been unbelievable, especially one in particular. Dennika has been my closest alliance at work and I will miss her so much. She and I had so much in common because of our religious beliefs and also because she has a little boy that is almost one, so we exchanged baby stories often. I will miss her dearly.

Justin came to Nashville this weekend and didn't even realize that it would be his last time coming to Nashville while I was living here until he was already half way here. We spent the weekend together enjoying our last time to have to travel to see each other. Every now and again he would say "Babe you're moving home" or I would say it to him. I can't wait to get home....only 11 days left :)


Jeff and Lindsey said...

Woo Hoo!! We can't wait until you are back!!

Lauren K. said...

Congrats of the job! Looks like everything is falling into place! :)

Lil said...

This is me pouting. :(

You better come back to visit me!