Thursday, August 14, 2008

5K's, 10K's, and Marathons

So I just registered for the Vulcan Run in Birmingham, AL today. This run is one of the most popular runs in the state and I am very excited about it. I have lots of friends that do 5K's and 10K's and such and its always something I've wanted to do, but just never done it or felt like getting in shape enough to do one. This time I'm actually going to do it and train for it. Vulcan Run is a 10K race, which means its about 6.22 miles. I've run that on a treadmill before (though it has been a while) so I feel confident I can do it again.

I'm planning on running several 5K's before the 10K run (a 5K is about 3.11 miles). However, I would LOVE for my 10K to be a training for the Mercedes Marathon in Birmingham. Marathons are 26 miles and a few hundred yards or so. I've never done a marathon before and, like most marathoners, will be happy just to cross the finish line. I don't know if I can handle the full marathon though, so I am planning on doing the Mercedes half-marathon in February 2009, which is 13 miles. Justin is planning on doing the half-marathon as well so it will definitely be convienient to have a training buddy. The downside is that January through March is a busy time of year for me (those dreadful 10-12 hour workdays) so it is going to be unbelievably hard to keep up a workout schedule to make sure I stay in shape right before the race. We'll see how it goes though. I've already created my marathon training schedule which I start doing on September 15, 2008. I plan on running 5 days a week with Saturday and Sunday being my big runs for the week. It's a 20 week long training before the big race!

The Vulcan Run is on Saturday, November 1st. Stop by and see us :)

**Shout out to Lauren Owens Kelly, who tried to get me to run 5K's with her while she was still living in Birmingham and to Lillian Quarles, who tried to get me to run the Music City half-marathon in Nashville with her. Love you both and sorry it took me so long to get into the marathoning :)

And, interestingly enough, this years Vulcan Run is sponsered by JRAG, a company that my step-brother's wife works for. Susan if you weren't preggers then you would be running with me, whether you liked it or not!


Lauren K. said...

YAY I'm so excited! I want to train with you! Can we be long distance training buddies?!

Oh and the name is Lauren KELLY.. dropped the Owens a couple year ago when I got married!

"Auntie M" said...

We will so be long distance training buddies!!! I'm downloading a marathon trainer schedule now. And I added the B...but in my defense, you were an Owens when you were trying to get me to run 5K's :) SO EXCITED!

Lil said...

Atta girl. Better late than never! And just think, if all goes well, I'll give you another chance to run the half with me again in April. Just think country music for a solid two hours! Since you're a fan now, you will be in heaven. Until the hell that begins when the day after the race when you cannot move your body without looking like a geriatric. : )