Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Settling In

I know its been a while since I've posted something. I've been super busy! We ran the 5K at the Hoover Met last Saturday. It was pretty much the most unorganized thing I have ever done. Basically, you could either do a one mile walk or the 5K run. Most of the people there were doing the walk instead of the 5K. You would think that the people running the 5K would either go a different route than the one mile walkers, or at least go before their walk started. Nope. Everyone started at the same time. Justin and Rob and I were all walking behind a marching band and finally Rob decided to run around them and just follow the orange cones. Justin and I stayed behind the band to try and figure out what to do. As soon as we saw others passing them too, we made a run for it as well. We ended up having to ask several people which route was the route for the 5K runners and NO ONE seemed to know. How do you organize an event and not know where the track is? At least put up signs that say "5K runners this way". They told us to follow the orange cones, but there were orange cones everywhere in the parking lot. We finally figured it out, but there was no way we could time our progress.

We also went to the Birmingham Baron's baseball game last Thursday where I saw TONS of people that I hadn't seen in years. Justin and Rob have been getting the backyard ready for football season. They hung Rob's plasma on the brick wall outside and bought a mini-fridge and bar with bar chairs. They played PlayStation pretty much all day Saturday.

Our friends Seth and Bob came over Saturday night and we all decided to go to Iron Horse to see Fly By Radio play. I haven't seen Seth since high school and Bob since college so it was great to see them again and we all had such a blast at Iron Horse that night. The next day, Justin and I went to Oak Mountain State Park to go to the petting zoo and see Peavine Falls. It was still kind of rainy because of Fay so we couldn't go horseback riding, which is what I REALLY wanted to do.

My mom wanted me and Justin to come over to her new house for dinner on Monday night. My step-brother Todd and his wife Susan were there as well. We grilled out and ate some cookie cake :) I just wish I would have gotten to see my little man and little girl.

I start my job today at BMSS (I don't have to go in until 1:30). I'm sure I will have many interesting stories after this weekend since its the opening of football season. Saturday will be a HUGE day around this house :) ROLL TIDE BABY!!!