Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tummy Time Comparison

Carter is almost three months old now and his tummy time skills have GREATLY improved.  For comparison purposes….

Here’s Carter doing tummy time at 5 weeks old:

And here’s baby boy doing tummy time at 11 weeks old:

Yes, that is an episode of How I Met Your Mother that you’re hearing in the video.  I was recording right next to the speakers so it’s pretty easy to understand.  Carter LOVES watching TV these days and will lift his head for very long periods of time in order to see the TV.  At 5 weeks, he could barely hold his head up for more than a few seconds.  Now, he’s holding it up for 5 minutes or more!  So proud of the progress he’s made.

I haven’t blogged about much other than Carter recently, mainly because I’ve been at home with him and that’s all I have time for.  So here’s a quick update on me:

  • I go back to work on Monday…and I’m dreading it.  Justin is in town next week so he’ll keep Carter then, but Debbie (Justin’s mother) will be keeping him whenever he’s out of town.
  • One of the things on my 101 list was to lose the pregnancy weight and I haven’t marked it off yet, but will very soon.  I’m only 1 pound away from it and can finally fit into my old pants again!!
  • I think the weight has come off by breastfeeding and doing P90x.  I started doing P90 again 6 weeks postpartum when the doc told me I could.  I completed 5 weeks of it, but I’m wondering if I’ll be able to complete the rest.  Exercising is hard enough to make time for without a baby, but imagine doing it with a baby whose daddy is frequently out of town.  I rarely have time for myself.  I try my best to do the workouts on the days I’m supposed to do them and plan to finish P90, however, it may not be done in 90 days.  It may take longer.
  • As mentioned above, I’m still breastfeeding and honestly don’t see and end in sight!  He’s doing great on my milk and it’s gotten to be second nature to me.

That’s about all I got for now!


Lauren Kelly said...

Tell him to stop growing up so fast, his auntie lauren has to meet him first! Oh, those cheeks and the cooing!!!