Sunday, March 18, 2012

Always Have Him In A Diaper…

Otherwise you end up with this:

pee pee

While getting Carter ready for a bath, he did this to me.  Daddy was getting the bath ready while mommy was getting him out of his clothes and took off his diaper.  I know better than to walk around with a naked baby, trust me.  After taking off his diaper, I wrapped him in a towel and walked to the bathroom where he takes his baths.  When we I got to the bathroom, I decided to weigh him (he’s 13 pounds now) so I had to take the towel off.  As soon as I got done weighing him, I picked him up and was seconds away from passing him to daddy for him to give the bath.  In those seconds, he peed on me.  And that’s A LOT of pee!!  What’s funny is that right before he peed on me, Justin turned around and saw that I was holding Carter naked and he said “poop on mommy!  Poop on mommy!”.  ALWAYS HAVE HIM IN A DIAPER!


Lauren Kelly said...

Marcie, I can't believe you posted this on fb. eww