Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Carter - Three Months


Carter at Month 3

  • Diapers: Size 1.  We learned that pampers swaddlers diapers hold in the poo MUCH better than the normal pampers diapers.  I’m not sure why that is.  But for whatever reason, when Carter wore the normal diapers, his pee and poo both would find it’s way out of the diaper and onto his clothes.  Towards the very end of the third month, we started putting him in size 2 diapers at night since that’s when he goes the longest without a diaper change.

  • Clothes:  We have SOOOO many 3 month clothes.  Carter is wearing his 3 month clothes and even though the 3-6 months is still a little big, he wears those too.  He can no longer wear anything newborn.  I’ve already packed up all of his newborn stuff and am giving his clothes to Tiffany and Trevor since they’re having a little boy in May.  She’ll give them back to me when her son is done wearing them so that if we have another boy, I’ll have all of Carter’s old clothes.

  • Sleep:   During month three, sleep was up and down.  For probably the first 2 1/2 weeks of March, Carter was sleeping through the night no less than 6 1/2 hours, but usually somewhere between 7-9 hours each night.  The last two weeks he’s been waking up around 5:30am.  The good news is that this works for me when I have him by myself and Justin’s out of town because I’ll feed him and put him back down to sleep while I shower and get ready for work with no disruptions.  The bad news is that Carter doesn’t know the difference between weekday and weekend and he wakes up around 5:30 on both.  But even though he wakes up at 5:30, he’s still getting around 7 hours of sleep.

  • Stats:   Carter doesn’t have another pediatrician appointment until 4 months, so I don’t have official weight and height percentages.  However, we bought a scale and I tried my best to measure his height and here’s what I got:  13lbs 10oz and 25 inches long.  I may be slightly off on the height…he kicks his legs a lot and it’s hard to measure him.

  • Waketime Activities:  Our waketime activities still include Baby Einstein and Praise Baby DVDs, tummy time in various places in the house, playing on the ocean playmat, observing the house in his mamaroo swing, and bathtime.  I went back to work on March 19th and Justin had him at our house that week, but this week (March 26th) was his first week at his daycare (aka - Justin’s parents house).  I’m not really sure what kind of wake times they do over there.  Knowing my mother in law, she would spend an entire waketime just holding him.  Nana loves him so much.

  • Abilities:  He can hold his head up for very long periods of time now!!  And not just at a 45 degree angle but a 90 degree angle.  He can roll from his tummy to his back, but not from his back to his tummy (the books say this doesn’t come until 4 months).  He’s starting to make noise when he laughs.  I can tell when he laughs because his entire face shows it.  It’s a totally different facial expression than a smile, much much bigger.  When he thinks something is funny, he’ll make the laughing facial expression, but when he thinks something is REALLY funny, he cackles.  It’s hysterical to watch and listen to.  He’s also learning to reach for things and have control over his hands.  There’s a toy that is on the handle on his car seat and when you pull it, it makes noise.  He’s learning that he can reach his hand up and pull it for it to make noise.  A lot of the time, if he pulls it once, he’ll just leave his hand on the handle and keep pulling.  It’s as if he is afraid to let go because he won’t know how to grab it again.  And even though I shouldn’t, I laugh when he tried so hard to reach for the handle, but his hand keeps missing it.  He’s trying so hard and you can see it in his facial expression.

  • Likes:

    • The kid LOVES watching TV, not just Baby Einstein or Praise Baby DVD’s, but all TV.  He gets mesmerized by it. 
    • Mirrors, lights and ceiling fans
    • Being put in his woombie downstairs.  We usually do this upstairs and he screams because he doesn’t want to take a nap, but we’ve found that (for some reason we don’t understand) when we put him in his woombie downstairs in the pack n’ play, he thinks it’s funny.  He laughs the whole time.
    • He starting to like bathtime.  He didn’t have a problem with it before (he never cried or anything) but now he smiles and laughs while he’s in the tub.  He also has figured out that the two things at the bottom of his body are controlled by him, therefore, he LOVES kicking his feet in the tub and splashing the water around.
    • Gizmo.  He’s finally realized that Gizmo exists and he frequently laughs at her when she’s around and will follow her with his eyes.
    • Morning.  My baby is SO incredibly happy in the mornings.  It makes it hard to drop him off and go to work.
  • Dislikes:
    • The sun - it’s a little bright for his liking.  We’re hoping to get over this by letting him play outside more.  We’re gonna need our kid to be outdoorsy!
    • Having his bottle taken away.  When bottle feeding, we usually stop every ounce or two to try to get a burp out.  He HATES when we do that.  He starts screaming…and I mean SCREAMING.  Eyes closed, mouth open, holding his breath screaming.  The bad kind.  Side note - he still gets mostly breastmilk even though I’m back at work.  I pump and he usually only gets one formula bottle a day if he gets one at all.
    • Bumbo Seat.  For some reason, he can only handle the bumbo seat for so long….only a couple of minutes.


Jenny said...

I can't believe he is already three months old!

He is so precious!

My sister said the same thing about the diapers!

Lindsey Scott said...

Cute picture! He looks like such a happy baby!