Tuesday, February 7, 2012

When Carter Met His Family

I promise, one of these days I will stop making every blog about my son and start talking about other things.  Right now, being on maternity leave, I am with Carter 24 hours a day so he’s all I have going on right now.  Plus, I want to document things like this so that I can come back and remember them later.  Like I said in my labor and delivery post, Justin was the only person in the room when I gave birth to our son.  With the traumatic delivery, it was a while before we let family back to finally see Carter.  My sister came first because I wanted her to get pictures of the rest of the family seeing him (she used the photos she took here to make the birth video slideshow that I blogged about here).  So Justin used our video camera to capture her meeting little man for the first time:

After Lindsey met him and then talked with me for a few minutes, we let the rest of the family back to see our sweet baby:

I know they’re short videos, but I was glad to have everyone’s initial reactions on video.  I know we’ll cherish this forever and am excited for Carter to see these videos when he’s older.  I wish I had videos of the reactions of my family when I was born!!  Ain’t technological advancement grand?!??!