Friday, February 17, 2012

My Poor Sweet Baby…

So like I said in my previous blog, we had Carter’s 7 week checkup with his pediatrician on Tuesday.  We found out that he has a slight heart murmur and the pediatrician wanted us to set up an appointment with a pediatric cardiologist to have an EKG done to see the severity of the murmur.  Apparently lots of newborns have murmurs that heal themselves as they grow up and even if it doesn’t heal itself, lots of adults have murmurs that are “innocent”.  My sister and mom both have one and it doesn’t affect their daily lives.  But to be certain it was an innocent heart murmur and nothing to worry about, they wanted to do an EKG.  So today, we headed to Children’s Hospital downtown to get Carter’s heart checked out. 


Dad took this picture while mom was holding his hand to keep him from getting fussy.

He didn’t get shots, thank God (he doesn’t do well with those as we figured out on Tuesday), but it wasn’t easy seeing him all hooked up to stuff like this!  But he took it like a champ and never even cried while he was having things done to him.  He was actually really interested in the ultrasound screen and watching the screen the entire time they were doing the EKG.

Thankfully, the cardiologist confirmed that the murmur was an innocent murmur and that Carter’s heart looked good.  Thank God!  I knew going into it that he would be fine, but that’s my baby.  Worry isn’t easy to control even when you know everything will be fine.  Carter is taking a nap now.  Poor baby is super sleepy because he missed his morning nap to go to this appointment so he’s sound asleep right now.    I’m just so glad his little ticker is ok!!


Gina said...

Great news! We went through the same thing with Noah and got the same results!

Jenny said...

Great news! I know that had to be scary!