Friday, July 29, 2011

Key West - 2nd Anniversary

Justin and I celebrated our 2nd year of marriage on July 25.  We decided when we got married to take a got married to celebrate as many anniversaries as possible by taking trips.  Our first one was our honeymoon to Hawaii, the first actual anniversary we went to New York City and this time we went to Key West, Florida.  This time, however, we didn’t go just us, we actually went with 3 other couples.  We were joined by our friends Shelly and Sam, Carina and Justin and Derek and Crissy.  Interesting side note, Justin and I have never really hung out with Derek and Crissy before because they’re really Sam and Shelly’s friends, but come to find out, they live about three houses down from us in our new neighborhood.  Funny!!  We had a blast for sure.  I’m sure everyone else probably had a little more fun than me since I literally couldn’t do ANYTHING.  I got turned down for parasailing, jet ski rental, kayaking, and renting a scooter all because I was pregnant.  No one wanted to risk a preggo doing any kind of sports.  So laying on the beach was about all I did the whole time, but that was definitely enjoyable.  Here’s a few pictures:
IMGP5287 IMGP5288 IMGP5289
We rented a boat for half a day but that didn’t turn out the way we thought it would because….
Derek was driving the boat and drove over a very shallow area with seaweed and sand and we got stuck for a while.  The boys had to get out of the boat to push it out of the shallow spot.  It was quite hilarious though!
IMGP5290  IMGP5295 IMGP5300
Naturally, I wanted to go by Ernest Hemingway’s house in Key West.  Though we never saw the popular six toed cat.
All the girls after eating dinner at a pretty popular place called nine one five.  It was SOOOO good!!
Me and my bay
We all went on a sunset cruise, another thing that didn’t exactly turn out the way we thought it would.  Mainly because when we got out into the water, it started pouring. 
IMGP5312 IMGP5324 IMGP5330
Love him :)