Thursday, April 2, 2009

I miss Pete....

When I was living in Nashville, I went to a church called CrossPoint. It was pretty much the best thing that ever happened to me in Nashville. Pete, the pastor, keeps a blog and I check it frequently to keep up with the series that he does. I loved what he posted recently and it's something I think about all the time so I figured I'd copy the video over if you want to watch it.

If not, I'll sum it up for you. It's about prayer. How often do you pray? What time of day do you pray? Is it only once when you go to bed at night? I use to be this way before I was saved again. I did pray, but I made it a consistent "do it before you go to bed" everyday. Nothing changed from day to day, it was the same prayer over and over again. After I was saved again I started working on the way that I pray. In the video, Pete talks about his reminders to pray everyday and I even have some of the same reminders. My favorite one he talks about is the ambulance. If more people did this, people that are in serious condition on their way to the hospital could get SO MANY prayers uplifted for them! Every time I see an ambulance, I automatically pray for the person in it. I pray that God gives them the physical strength to heal from their wounds but also the emotional strength to be able to go through the healing process.

A while back, I started making sure that I pray continuously throughout the day. If I know that someone needs prayers, I don't wait to go home and do it because chances are, I'll forget! So I make a point to pray ALL THE TIME. Pray for someone that hasn't asked you to pray for them. Pray for someone that you don't even know, because we all need help. None of us are perfect. Pray for the current administration of the United States (even though some of us don't agree with it) because this is our country. Pray for the souls of our country. Pray for the men and women overseas. Pray for family and friends and even your enemies. These are the things I try to pray for everyday.

Happy Praying :)

Pete Says Hell_3.29.09 from on

Oh and the whole "Pete Says Hell" thing isn't as bad as you's at 4:25 for you to see yourself.