Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Let the showers begin...

This past weekend was the first weekend of my wedding season 2009. Justin and I hosted a Stock the Bar shower for our friends Tiffany and Trevor on Friday night at their new home. They had just bought their home about a month before the party and worked so hard in getting it fixed up and ready and they wanted to show it off, so that's why we had the party at their house. It was so much fun! It wasn't a big shower, just close friends were invited. But we had a blast regardless. Here are some pics:

The bride and groom - APRIL 18TH!!!

Some of the food

Ashley, Tiffany and I

The boys

Another girl picture...this time with Shelly

After the future Lobdell's shower on Friday, we had the future Limbaugh's His and Hers shower on Saturday. Lindsey and Justin had their first shower Saturday night and it was a blast too! They got a bunch of fabulous gifts and they were both very happy. Here are some pics from that shower:

The bride and groom right before opening their gifts

Gotta love the lettuce knife....it's always a big hit!

Funny story. Mrs. Owens was wrapping this gift for Lindsey and I guess she got distracted while doing it, because she mistakenly wrapped the scissors in with the present!

Me and Linds after she opened all her gifts

The future Limbaugh's! Their wedding day is May 30!!!!

After leaving Lindsey's shower, I had yet another shower to go to. It was my friend Carina's bachelorette party and the girls decided to do a night on the town. Carina, Ashlee and Amy drove up from Tuscaloosa and we all decided to go to Twist and Shout. I've actually never been there before this night. Nashville had an amazing duel piano bar called "Big Bang" or as my great friend Lil calls it "The Big Bang Theory Bar". Twist and Shout was ok, but Big Bang is much much better :)

Ashlee, Carina and Amy

Me and the bride to be

I cannot possibly explain the level of exhaustion that hit me on Sunday. I didn't go to church and I pretty much laid in the bed all day long. I'm still working 60 hour weeks right now and Saturday after work and Sunday is the only downtime I get to wind down from a long week. Since I had back to back showers, I never got that winding down time and I'm still suffering slightly from it. Next weekend I have Lindsey and Justin's Stock the Bar shower Friday night and Tiffany's Lingerie/Bachelorette party (at Twist and Shout) Saturday night. I need some rest :(

Today's Prayer Requests:

1) My anonymous friend I keep praying for needs more prayers. I can't say much, except that she is a strong woman and can handle whatever God throws at her, but she just doesn't know that yet. She needs your prayers badly. Please pray that God opens her eyes to see what everyone on the outside sees and to give her the strength she needs to cope.

2) A great friend of mine from Nashville just got laid off because of the economy. Please pray that he has no problems finding another job and pray that he realizes that God has a plan and that this may actually be a blessing in disguise.


Lil said...

I see the Big Bang Theory Bar in my future bachelorette party plans. I'm thinking August, so you'll be married by then. You and Becca want to take the lead on that one?