Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I get to have a life now!

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Yes....It is officially the end of busy season today!!! What better way to celebrate than a girls night out! Me and some friends are going to meet tonight at a mexican restaurant for dinner and maybe some margaritas! I'm so excited, I haven't seen much of my friends in the past 4 months. Not to mention that I get to have a NORMAL workout schedule again! No more going to the gym after getting off work at 9pm!

Lots of stuff is going on in the next week. Tonight is my girls night that I am SO excited about. Tomorrow Justin gets back in town from Louisiana (which makes me happy not just because I get to see him, but because Gizmo will go back to sleeping in his room and I won't have to split my queen size bed with a 90 pound dog). Friday is my day off work! Our firm gives us the Friday after April 15th off as a "tax holiday". So Friday I get to run all the errands and do all the wedding gift shopping that I didn't get to do this month to prepare for the rest of the weddings happening in April and May. Justin and I are also going back to Montgomery on Friday. We're going to see Tom Neville, the guy that Justin bought my engagement ring from, and pick out Justin's wedding ring. I want to see my wedding band but Justin refuses to let me see it before the wedding.

Saturday is a big day for us too. We're running our first 15K (9.33 miles) from the Vulcan statue to the Miss Liberty statue. Justin recently did some research on this race and found out that it is nicknamed the "toughest 15K in the southeast". We have GOT to start researching stuff before we sign up for it! Anyway, also on Saturday night is Trevor and Tiffany's wedding. I cannot WAIT for their wedding. Justin and I love Trevor and Tiff and don't really know what we'd do without them. They have quickly become our best friends and I am so excited for them. Pictures from their wedding will be posted next week.

Sunday is April 19th and it holds two different special occasions. First is Lindsey Owens' bridal tea at the Bryant's house in Riverchase. The second is me and Justin's ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! It's also the last anniversary we'll celebrate in April :) We don't really have much planned since the timing is bad with all the weddings and stuff going on, but we are taking a trip in May just the two of us to wind down from all the wedding craziness so we can just enjoy eachother and enjoy marking highpoints off the list :)

Today's Prayer Requests:

1) Please pray for my friend Lillian's dad. He has some major medical issues and Lil's family is afraid that he may not be able to walk her down the aisle in January for her wedding. Please pray to give him the strength he needs to be able to give his daughter away and please pray for Lillian's nerves as she is so worried about him.

2) Please continue to pray for Justin's grandfather. He is fine now, but he had to be rushed to the emergency room last week for heart problems. Please pray for him.


Lauren K. said...

YAY Happy Tax Day!! Can't wait to see you on Sunday! Have a great time tonight with the ladies!!

Lil said...

Awww, make me cry. I'm just now seeing this prayer request. You are the sweetest thing, thank you!