Thursday, February 26, 2009


Like I said in my previous post, watching Justin finish the half-marathon two weeks ago got me itching to run a race since the last time I did it was the 5K in December. Yes, it gets VERY addicting and even though it's only been two months since my last race, I need another one to at least be planned for! So Justin and I got to talking and have decided to sign up for the "Statue to Statue" 15K on April 18, 2009. I will say it is odd to go straight for a 15K (9.3 miles) after not running any races in a couple of months (four months by then), but I'm going to start running long runs on Saturdays. Not to mention daylight savings is about to kick in so we'll have more daylight!! The race runs from Vulcan statue to Liberty Park's statue (hence the name of the race).

Start of the race is at the Vulcan Statue

And it ends at Miss Liberty's feet!

Something else Justin and I finally planned is our trip for our one year anniversary. Our anniversary is April 19th, but due to every weekend being full with weddings and showers, we had to delay it until May 15th. We originally wanted to go backpacking through the Grand Canyon, but that was going to be a little too expensive for the time period that we're doing the trip in. Instead, we are going to knock out 5 state highpoints off our list! We'll be hitting the Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and West Virginia highpoints AND we'll get one full day and night in Washington DC!!! With all those states it does look like we're going all over the place, however, all the highpoints for those states are located close together. I think the longest one is four hours from another highpoint, so there will be a lot of driving, but they're closer together than you probably think they are.

By the time May rolls around, we'll both be so ready to have a weekend away together since we barely see each other now due to my work schedule and also because right when my busy season is over we'll be spending every weekend at showers or weddings for a month and a half and any free time we do have we'll be planning our own wedding, so it will be nice to get away from all of it to celebrate the last time we can call April 19th our anniversary :) That weekend is the official halfway mark to our wedding too! It's 2 1/2 months from now to May 15th and then another 2 1/2 months from then til our wedding day! It is sneaking up so fast and there is still so much to do! This Friday we are finishing our registry at Bed, Bath & Beyond and next weekend we'll probably start our registry at Macy's. He'll do his own registry at Home Depot or Lowe's....I prefer not to be there for that :)

My first shower is on April 21st and it's my kitchen shower. It's being hosted by two of my dearest friends, Kelly Owens and Lissa Hines. Kelly is the mother of two of my bridesmaids and Kelly has been like my second mom for I don't even know how long! I use to have my own bedroom in their house! Lissa lived across the street from me in Trace Crossings back in high school. Lissa is in the Trace Crossings Bunco group and my mom STILL goes to those gossip meetings even though she doesn't live there anymore. They usually meet once a month on Tuesday nights so the Bunco in April will be at Lissa's house, but it won't be Bunco, it will be my shower :) These are the women that I have grown up around in Trace Crossings and I love that I get to have a shower there, especially since that was where Justin and I first met! Ah the memories.....

Today's Prayer Requests:

1) My anonymous friend that I keep praying for. She's so close to finding her way. Pray that she has the strength to accept God's plan for her life and move on.

2) My friend at work, Alison Cook, just found out that her future mother-in-law was in a bad car accident the other day and had to have staples in her head. She's ok, but they had to shave her head and she's still in a little pain. Pray for her recovery.

3) All of my friends that are getting married in 2009. I now realize how stressful wedding planning can be and I pray that all of my friends keep calm and have fun with this process, including me!


Lauren K. said...

DUDE I just realized I'm gonna be in town on April 18th... but I don't get in until that evening. I would totally run the 15K with you! Shoot :(