Sunday, March 1, 2009

Honeymoon is completely booked!

Justin just got done booking both hotels for our honeymoon!!!! We are both so incredibly excited! We've been looking online for when the hour long shows about "Best Beaches in Hawaii" or "50 Things to Do in Hawaii" type things come on the travel channel. Hawaii's best beaches comes on next Saturday at 2pm so everyone check it out :) Like I said before, we will first fly into Honolulu and stay there for 2 nights before flying to Maui and staying there for the remaining 7 nights. Out hotel in Honolulu is called Hilton Hawaiian Village.

There are several towers at this hotel and we will be staying at the Lagoon Tower. This hotel was featured in a magazine that Gordon, Justin's dad, gave him to help him plan the honeymoon. Other than the obvious reasons we like this hotel, the fact that it has PENGUINS walking around was cool enough by itself to choose this as our place to stay. We'll only be on Oahu for two days. Our flight gets into Honolulu around 2ish so that day will be spent relaxing at the pool and beach. The next day we will be going to the Arizona site for a little history lesson. We'll fly from Honolulu to Maui on Tuesday morning. Justin and I are SUPER excited about our hotel in Maui!!!

We did a lot of research on places to stay in Hawaii and neither of us really liked any hotel as much as we liked this one. We literally will spend an entire day just walking around the 40 acres the hotel covers and hanging out by the AMAZING pools!! While in Maui is when we will be doing most of our adventures. We're still in the process of planning our activities of what we'll be doing while in Maui. So far, we are planning on scuba diving during the day AND night, sea kayaking, snorkeling, zip lining, going to Hawaii's highpoint, taking a helicopter tour, going to the top of a volcano at 4am to watch the sunrise and then biking our way down the mountain, and of course, attending an authentic luau. This is going to be the BEST TRIP EVER!

Here's some of our favorite pics of Grand Wailea: