Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Morris Crew Goes to Disney - Part 3

On the third day of visiting Disney parks, we hit up Magic Kingdom.  We scheduled two days to be at Magic Kingdom because there was so much kid stuff there.  Wouldn't you have it...those two days were the two days that it rained!  No biggie though...rain meant less people and shorter lines!

We started out in Tomorrowland by riding the Astro Orbit ride.  Essentially the same thing as Dumbo, but it was higher.

I love this photo of Justin and Garrett riding it.  I snapped it not realizing that the castle was in the background.  Such a cool picture!

And of course we made a few minutes for the big kids to ride Space Mountain!!

Like I said in my post from the first day at Disney, Carter didn't really have any interest in meeting characters.  When he rode the Winnie the Pooh ride he all of a sudden loved Pooh.  He made us use his Disney giftcard he got for Christmas to buy him a Pooh stuffed animal.  Then he said that the ONLY character he wanted to meet was Winnie and Tigger.  So of course, we made that happen!  Love seeing those sweet hugs he gave Pooh!!!

Garrett loved the character unlike his brother.  He had a tendency to always want to play with their noses!

Made some more time for the big kids to ride the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.  You're never too old to put your hands in the air on a rollercoaster!!


 We took the kids for a quick boat ride over to Tom Sawyer Island.  This was probably Garrett's favorite place because it was the longest he was out of the stroller and exploring and walking around. 

 We rode a train back to the front of the park.  All the kids thought that train rides and monorail rides were actual rides.  They had no idea it was so that we didn't have to walk for days! 

This is Carter watching Splash Mountain.  He was scared for the people on the ride because he was watching them go down the big hill.  He hung out in the "splash zone" on the bridge just watching over and over again.  We tried so hard to convince him to do it but he had no interest in it.  Oh but he did end up doing it!!!  But not until later.

That night at Magic Kingdom Carter rode what he calls one of his ABSOLUTE favorite rides.  The tea cups.  Those.  Dang.  Teacups.  Carter wanted to ride it over and over and the girls all for some reason wanted to ride it with me too.  I ended up riding those teacups probably 5 or 6 times and wanted to vomit every single time.  But the joy on Carter's face!!!

We ended our fun day at Magic Kingdom with another viewing of the fireworks, but this time we viewed it from Main Street looking at the castle. We went back to the hotel for the night and hit the sack...we were all exhausted.  Up next, day 2 at Magic Kingdom!!