Thursday, February 18, 2016

Best of 2011 In Pictures

So I am completely aware of the fact that I am doing a "Best of 2011" post in the year 2016.  I happened to run across my "Best of 2012 In Pictures" post and once I did, I realized that I only did two years of these posts (2012 and 2009).  So I'm going to spend the next couple of days trying to fill in the years so that I can have them all.  So for now, here's the best of 2011:

Nothing major happened in January (or I didn't take pictures of it if it did).  So first big thing was in February when we found out that my sister-in-law was pregnant!!!

We were THRILLED!!!!!  This is her and her mom in the photo.  A few days after this announcement they went to their first ultrasound and found out it was TWINS!

Nothing big in March either, but in April we found out that Jen was having twin GIRLS!!!  Lots of pink on its way!

Around the time we found out Jen was having twin girls, Justin and I found out we were expecting our own bundle of joy!!

We had already planned a trip for May to go to Rome and London, so we enjoyed that trip (even though I was exhausted all the time and quite hormonal).

Roman Colosseum


Later in the month we had that first ultrasound where we got to hear the heartbeat and see that sweet baby for the first time.  His heartrate was 185!!!  Everyone said he was a girl, but I had been guessing boy from day 1 (my gender prediction for his brother was definitely NOT correct).

In June, me and one of my best friends Carina went to NYC for a long weekend.  We both LOVE New York.  We didn't get a picture together for some reason (oh I know was 2011 and selfies weren't a thing then) so this is really the only picture of me that I have.  I was 12 weeks pregnant at the time.  I don't look big at all whatsoever, but at the time (never having been pregnant before), I felt massive.  If only I knew at the time what week 39 was going to look like!!

July held all things BOY.  First, my sweet nephew Cooper was born in Tampa, FL. 

And then about two weeks later, Justin and I cut into a cake in front of our closest friends and family and found out our bundle would also be a boy!  This was also the same moment that we told Justin's dad, Gordon, that the baby would hold his name as a middle name.  We didn't know his first name until a few days after this, but at that moment, we knew his middle name would be Gordon.

In August, the sweet little Gault twins made their way into our lives!

Those girls gave me some good practice before Carter made his way into the world. 

Nothing major happened in September, but in October, all the Rogers girls got together and went to a pumpkin patch over on Hwy 280.

Also in October, I ran/walked the Race for the Cure 5k with my friend Tiffany.  Tiffany had actually JUST found out she was pregnant with Harper that weekend but she hadn't told me about it yet.

Another big thing in October was my maternity pictures that my sister, Lindsey, took over in Ross Bridge.


In November, we celebrated Thanksgiving.

I want to say I was 35 weeks pregnant in this picture.  It was right after Thanksgiving (I always put up my Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving).

December as a very busy month obviously.  This is one of my favorite pictures of Cooper.  He was giving Carter a hug and telling him to hurry up and come on out!!!

My belly is gigantic y'all.  GIGANTIC.  But none of it mattered because a couple of days later, we went in to force Carter out of my belly (one day past my due date).  The delivery was extremely difficult and there was few complications, but he and I were completely fine and he was PERFECT.

So that was 2011!!!  It was busier than it's just that, we didn't take a ton of pictures back then.  I feel like I take a ton more pics now than I used to then and not because I have kids, but because I think technology with camera phones has gotten better and more convenient for spur of the moment picture taking.  Up next will be 2010.  That one will be tougher because my folders for that year aren't organized by month so I'll have to figure out what picture is from what month, which could take a while!