Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Morris Crew Goes to Disney - Part 2

We got up early and got ready for day 2!  On this day, we had a scheduled breakfast at Chef Mickey (which also happened to be at our hotel).  Chef Mickey was a gigantic buffet with any and everything you could imagine to eat.  At a certain time, all the main Mickey Mouse Clubhouse characters came out and went from table to table meeting everyone and taking pictures.  We got some great pictures of the kids with the characters!

Not sure what's going on with Carter's smile in this one!!!

After breakfast we all loaded onto a bus and headed to Epcot!!!  Which, let's be honest, is the least kid friendly park there is!!  The adults however loved it!  I loved walking through all the countries and seeing defining factors of each place.  There were a few rides for the kids, but not much at all.  Carter really  liked Spaceship Earth (the one inside the 'golf ball' as I call it). 

This is me and Garrett riding the Spaceship Earth ride.  He loved it!  Garrett shockingly really liked all the rides he rode.  He would just stare in amazement at the stuff around him.

He also did something called Test Track.  Test Track is all about cars and since Carter is obsessed with cars, we knew he'd love it.  We didn't do much research on it though...and boy were we in for a shock!  Carter, Papa, Justin, Aeron and myself all went on this ride.  Debbie and Jen watched the other kids while we were doing it.  You go inside and you build your own car.  You picked out the engine, the body style, the color...everything!  Carter thought that was really cool.  Then you got into a car and did all the tests that actual cars go through during the testing process.  So basically, going really fast on wet surfaces and turning very quickly to dodge things.  Carter wanted to be in the front row with Justin and Papa and I sat in the back with Aeron.

The car Carter built

Waiting in line for us to board our car! 

This is one of the pictures they took of us during the ride.  The reason I say that we were in for a shock is because we had NO clue how fast this ride went.  After it goes through all the testing obstacles, it goes outside on a track and goes in circles up to 68mph.  I later found out via a trivia test that this ride is the FASTEST ride in all of Disney World.  And I let my 4 year old ride it.  Yikes.  Justin took the Go Pro and videoed Carter during the ride and it was priceless.  He almost has no expression because of how fast he's going.  Once the car slowed down you see him in the video say "are we done??" and then the video cuts off.  But what isn't in the video is the constant asking "are we done?" and then we finally get to a part that says we are done and Carter starts clapping saying "yaaaaaay".  Justin asked him if he liked the ride and he said "I don't like it daddy!!!".  God love him!

After this ride we just walked around the big lake at the center of Epcot going from country to country.  The girls met several princesses while we were there too!

This is me and Carter riding the Crush ride (Finding Nemo).  It comes out by an aquarium and all the kids loved it!

Kids taking a picture inside Bruce's mouth!

This is what Garrett did during our stroll through the countries!!

Justin and I in Morocco!  We were trying to catch Aladdin and Jasmine but the line was too long!

He was watching this little village that's over that rail.  It has little houses and cars and trains that all move on their own.

In front of the big golf ball!  I regret not taking the time to get a family picture at the front of the park before we got there.  Maybe next time.

The kids also found Daisy Duck!!!
After we were done with Epcot we headed back to the hotel to take short catnaps and then headed back to Magic Kingdom for the night.  I did finally make sure to get a family picture in front of the castle!!

I think me and Garrett were riding the Dumbo ride again here, but I'm not sure.

This was the night of Dumbo as I call it.  It was during the fireworks so everyone in Magic Kingdom was heading to the front of the castle to watch the fireworks and the parade.  We stayed in the circus area and rode Dumbo.  Over.  And Over.  And Over.

How adorable are these kids!?!?!  They are having a blast!!!
After all the fun at Magic Kingdom again, we headed home to bed so that we could get some sleep for the next day.  A full day at Magic Kingdom!!!  I should also note the sleeping arrangements at our hotel.  We stayed at the Contemporary Resort, but our room was in a separate tower called the Bay Tower.  This tower had some entire villas that fit whole families.  So we had a two story "house" that had a laundry room, kitchen, living area and every family had their own room with a balcony and bathroom.  So Gordon and Debbie had the master downstairs and us and our boys had one room upstairs while the Gault's had the other room.  The one thing I was most worried about was all four of us sleeping in the same room.  My kids have always ALWAYS slept in their own rooms.  The only exception to this is right when they were born and they shared a room with us for a few weeks.  I was terrified that Carter may keep Garrett awake or vice versa.  Luckily, this never was an issue.  Sometimes we put Garrett down first and let him fall asleep before bringing Carter in there and Carter did a great job of being quiet and not waking his brother.  Other times that wasn't possible and both boys had to go down at the same time.  Even in those times, they did great.  There was one day where Carter kept getting out of bed and bringing Garrett stuffed animals and it would make Garrett laugh, therefore Carter kept doing it over and over.  We had to get on to him for this, but even on this night, both boys were asleep within an hour. 

Next up, day 3 - Magic Kingdom!