Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Garrett - 15 Months Old

Garrett is now 15 months old!  Time with him is flying!  He seems like such a baby to me still.  Possibly because he's always around his 4 year old brother.  Even as a 2 year old, he'll always seem like the baby I suppose.  Garrett turned 15 months on January 27, 2016 while we were at Disney World. 

Here's all the things going on with G-Money at 15 months:


Garrett has moved up to size 4 diapers.  He can still wear a 3 if he has to, but 4 is just so much better fitting. 

This is at Thanksgiving on my side of the family.  These are all the young kids.  Lots of boys.  Lots and lots and lots of boys...

Shoe Size

I haven't officially gotten Garrett sized, but he is wearing two pairs of shoes right now and they both seem to fit.  They are 4.5W and 5W. 

Bless this child for letting his big brother do all kinds of things to him!!!


Garrett still wears 12 month clothes.  We haven't moved up to 18 months just yet.  Very few of the items he wears are 18 months, but they are some crazy brand that runs super small so he's wearing 18 months in that.  I use all my clothing judgments off of the Carter's brand because it's what my kids wear the most.


Garrett sleeps extremely well and always has.  At 15 months, he STILL takes two naps a day when he's not at school or church and I don't see that changing anytime soon.  Carter transitioned to one nap a day at 15 months old but that won't happen with Garrett.  When he's at school and on Sundays, he takes one nap a day due to timing, but if we are at home, he takes two naps.  Usually from about 10-12 and again from 2:30-4:30ish.  Garrett is so funny-he LOVES to have his back scratched.  When we put him in the crib, he rolls immediately to his tummy (see picture below) and waits for us to scratch his back.  When we stop he will stand up immediately as if saying "what are you doing?  Why did you stop??".  If we put our hand back on his back, he will fall right back to his tummy and let us scratch it again.  He also sleeps like this picture below the majority of the time too.  Sometimes he'll lay flat on his tummy, but for the most part, his booty is in the air with those feet crossed!


He drinks from a sippy cup extremely well now and has even showed interested in cups with straws.  I've let him try this a few times but he hasn't mastered the "sucking" part of using a straw just yet.  He loves to hold his own utensils, but definitely not anywhere near to feeding himself with them just yet.  The past few months Garrett has shown some slight preferences.  I've noticed that he isn't a fan of many fruits other than blueberries and bananas.  He doesn't like the texture of things like strawberries, peaches and oranges.  I'm not giving up though and hopefully he'll hop on board soon.  He also doesn't always want his vegetables.  He loves the vegetable pouches, just not always the real stuff.  But he does eat his veggies sometimes, so I think it's just a texture thing again.  Something he will hopefully grow out of soon.

Unlike his big bro, he loves bread.  Things he typically eats are peanut butter sandwiches, cheese quesadillas, turkey meat, string cheese, yogurt, lots of those Gerber Graduate meals, Spaghetti O's, applesauce, various pouches, corn, green beans, ham, etc.  I could probably go on with this list for a while.  He really is a good eater!


With the 15 month mark came a tough illness.  Garrett wasn't acting himself and was coughing a lot and Justin and I were determined he had croup again.  I made an appointment with his pediatrician and we went in.  I tried to take his temp several times at home but he wouldn't hold still long enough for it to read properly.  At the doc, the nurse took his temp under his arm and it was 101.  I argued.  I knew it was more than that.  So when the doc came in I asked that they retake his temp because I know it was higher than 101.  So a different nurse came in and did it rectally.  It was 103.4.  A momma knows when something with her baby ain't right and just by touching his skin I knew it wasn't simply 101.  The doctor tried to listen to his heart and became concerned by his breathing.  He was breathing roughly 60 times a minute which is bad for this age.  He wanted to run some tests so we had to wait around for a while.  After the 2 hour appointment (let me tell you how super fun it is to keep a 15 month old sick baby entertained for 2 hours) it was determined that he had a double ear infection and RSV that had already turned into bronchiolitis.  My poor baby!!!  They gave him motrin right then to bring down his temp.  The doc said not to worry about the breathing treatments just yet because he really thought that the high number of breaths was due to the fever so he wanted to see if they were still that high after the fever broke.  The next day the fever broke and his breathing stayed between 30-30 breaths per minute which was ok.  It has taken Garrett FOREVER to get over this sickness.  He is still not eating well and is still super clingy and whiny.  Not a bad whiny as in crying every single minute, but just a pitiful whiny.  Sitting in my lap watching tv and just whining.  I'm hoping he will begin to turn a corner soon.  It's been a week and I've seen slow improvement but not enough.  I need him to eat more to get strong again!  I'm hoping he will go back to school this week.  There's no medical reason for him to not be in school anymore, but I'm still worried about him going.  I will likely take him and just tell them to call me if he gets too uncomfortable and I will come get him.  Praying he will be fine though and I won't have to do that!

This is what he's been doing the past week.  Breaks my heart y'all!
Mother's Day Out
Garrett has been doing really well in his class.  He's brought home several artwork projects already.  What momma doesn't love getting those?!?!  Next year, however, both boys will change schools.  This was such a tough decision for us because right now the boys go to school where we go to church AND I am a substitute teacher and work up there every now and again.  But the distance from our house to church has become too big of a burden.  Even with our recent move, it takes about 15-20 minutes to get to the church.  That means that I spend one hour a day in the car going to and from twice.  They go to school 3 days a week.  On top of that they have church Wednesday nights and also on Sundays.  I have the occasional committee meeting once a month or so as well.  It's just a lot of car time!  On top of the distance, the tuition at our current school went up a lot this year.  Due to these things, we decided to put our kids in school at a church significantly closer to home.  They will begin at their new school in the fall.  On top of the distance and money issues, this change will also allow the boys to be in preschool with the same kids they will be zoned to go to Elementary School with.  Right now, the majority of the kids at our current school are zoned within the Vestavia area and we're in Hoover so they will have to make all new friends in Elementary School.  This one reason isn't enough for me to change schools, it was just an added bonus.  Carter has also begun to show a lack of interest in going to church on Wednesdays and I don't blame him.  We are up there ALL. THE. TIME.  I'm ready to separate church and school so that he wants to be at church again and see all his friends there.  We'll see how Garrett does with this change. He will do better than Carter will because he's a baby so he isn't playing with others just yet.  He just plays with toys around others.  Carter, on the other hand, tells me all about who he plays with and what he does so he will certainly notice a change.  But on the bright side, he loves this new school.  He's been there before because his twin cousins go there and he loves it.  When I told him he was going there next year, he was excited!


Garrett does all kinds of things during his waketimes.  In the new house, we spend time playing with several toys downstairs, then we play with different toys in the playroom upstairs, then if it's pretty outside we'll go out and play in the driveway.  We haven't done a golf cart ride yet in the new neighborhood because it's still cold.  I'm already seeing it warm up though so maybe we can do that soon.  Garrett loves playing with Carter and prefers the exact thing Carter prefers, cars.  They both play with cars together and I love seeing it!  He also loves to stack things like blocks.  His teacher says that he does this a lot at school too.  He loves to be read to.  Over the past month he has begun pointing to things a ton as well. 

Garrett still doesn't really talk much.  I was concerned about this because at this age Carter was basically talking small sentences.  Doc reassured me of two things.  1)  Carter was advanced.  He did things well before the average age.  And 2) siblings usually talk much later than their older counterparts because they just let big brother or sister talk for them.  And with a brother as talkative as Carter, doc wasn't worried about Garrett not consistently talking.  Garrett has said a ton of words, he just doesn't say them all the time.  He's definitely the observer whereas Carter is the talker.  We are working on body parts and Garrett has shown us his head, tummy and ear before.  But he just doesn't do it every time you ask.  He hates performing.  Justin and I can tell he understands pretty much everything he sees and hears, he's just choosing to not show us that he understands it right that minute.  He plays with cars just like Carter does.  He puts them in their exact position on the Hot Wheels tracks and pushes them with his fingers down the tracks.  And he loves to stack things like blocks and boxes.  These types of tasks show that he is very much thinking and processing and copying the things he sees which are all signs of good development.

Couldn't write this post and not put in this fantastic picture!!!  Garrett was NOT a fan of Santa!!

At his 15 month appointment, Garrett was measured at 30.5 inches (25%) and weighed 22lbs, 14oz (50%).  I will tell you right now that the height isn't right.  We have had measuring issues EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. he goes to the doctor.  The nurse there is awful at measuring.  He's had to be re-measured almost every appointment he goes to because the first measurement she gets shows him shrinking.  First she measured him at 29 inches (which was exactly what he was at 12 months) so the doc got another nurse to measure.  That nurse measured 30.5 which seemed more accurate, but once we got home and put Garrett against his growth chart on the wall, he was definitely not 30.5 inches either.  I would guess 30 is more accurate.  Either way, this is still 25th percentile.  He got several shots which is never fun and usually always produces tears.  He won't see the pediatrician again until he's 18 months old.

He got so many stinking teeth that I can't keep count how many he has now!  I think he has 11 or 12 now.  He went through a spurt right before we went to Disney World where he cut about 7 all at the same time.  So now he has a mouth full of pearly whites!!!  A couple of the back molars are still coming through but they've all cut the skin.
Garrett's next appointment is at 18 months so I assume that's when I will do the next post on him.