Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Carter Videos

I recorded these videos of the little man over the fabulous 11 day break I had with him over the holidays.  I did NOT want to come back to work.  Justin and I were both at home the entire time and we so enjoyed being together as a family without work for so long.  So here’s some things Carter did:

Carter somehow figured out how to click his tongue.  We have absolutely no idea how he figured this out.  Justin and I don’t do this on a normal basis.

I think that anything Daddy does is funny to Carter but bouncing his balls in particular is apparently hilarious!

Starting next week is officially my tax season, which means long hours and not as much time at home.  Sad.  On the brighter side of things, this also starts my time at my job as a part-time employee.  Now only in the world of a CPA does “part-time” mean 50 hour weeks during busy season, but at least when April 15th is over, I’ll only be working 34 hour weeks (that means I’ll have every Friday off).  I know 50 hours seems like a lot, but in all honesty, it’s just me coming in at 8am, working through lunch and leaving at 6.  Now technically, I will probably leave at 5 everyday, but I will work an hour from home after Carter goes to bed.  The only required Saturdays I have to work are the Saturdays before the March 15th and April 15th deadlines, but I can work other Saturdays if I need to.  So basically, I could leave at 5 everyday and then just work 5 hours on Saturday if I wanted to.  It will just depend on Justin and my mother-in-law’s schedules. 

All that is to say that I will probably be slacking on the blogging in the coming months.  Not just blogging on my own, but commenting on other people’s blogs.  Please know that if I haven’t commented on your blog in a while, it’s because I’m super slammed, not because I don’t care about your life anymore!


Anonymous said...

Aww love the little tongue clicking and the bouncy ball laughter!! I am sure you all had such a lovely time spending these past 11 days as a family. I have been a loving it with Anthony and Alidia as well. Wow, 50 hours does seem a lot but not so bad how you put it. At least it will go down after April 15th. We'll miss you in the blogging world until then!!