Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Another Milestone Reached

Carter has reached yet another milestone ahead of schedule…

Carter was able to roll from tummy to back when he just 7 weeks old.  See that post here.  Now he can roll from back to tummy (the harder of the two) and started doing it when he was 3 1/2 months old.  He’s done both of these things ahead of schedule so naturally I am one PROUD mama.  The downside of babies being able to roll from back to tummy is that you have to ditch the swaddle because if his hands are all swaddled up and he turns over in his sleep, you run into a SIDS issue.  Carter was never swaddled, he uses the woombie.  The GREAT thing about the woombie, is that there’s a type of woombie called the “convertible woombie” that has buttons where the arms go that can be unbuttoned so that his hands are free for him to use in case he turns over in the middle of the night and needs to turn back over.

Once Carter learned how to roll from back to tummy, he literally did it NONSTOP!!!  During naps, during bedtime…all the time.  I’ve heard that when a baby learns a new skill they wear it out.  True statement for my Carter.  Anyway, this new skill scared me because now that he can roll onto his tummy, baby boy has decided that this new position is where he’d like to sleep.  Since he’s been able to do this, all of his naps and night time sleep are on his stomach.  It made me super nervous to begin with, but I feel better now.  He would be able to move if he couldn’t breathe, I’m confident of it.  And for some reason, he’s just more comfy on his tummy.  It’s caused him to sleep longer, in fact.  Usually, Carter wakes up for the day around 6am, but since sleeping on his tummy, Justin and I have had to wake him in the mornings to eat around 7am or even 8am.

Baby boy has a couple of things coming up!!!  He turns 4 months old on Saturday.  Which is awesome because we’ll share a birthday!  I’ll be 29 and he’ll be four months.  After a year, you pretty much stop counting their “mini-birthdays” (or at least I am going to) so this will be the only time we share a day together.  On Sunday, he’s getting baptized at church with his cousins Cynthia and Celia.  We’re having a pretty large gathering at our house afterwards…so large that I’m kind of wondering where everyone that’s planning on coming is going to stand/sit to have lunch.  On Monday, he’ll go to the pediatrician for his 4 month appointment.  He’ll have to get another round of shots (I really MUST hold it together during this) and we’ll find out his weight and height stats at 4 months, which I’m excited about.  I weighed him yesterday and he was 14lbs, 12oz, which according to a book with some charts in it, puts him around the 50th-60th percentile.  I tried to measure him and I think he’s slightly above 25 inches which puts him in the 75th percentile.  We’ll see if the books percentiles line up with the pediatricians!