Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Snow Day!!

It snowed in Birmingham this weekend! I was so glad it did too, it reminded me of Nashville :) I miss the snow up there! No snow day is complete without snowball fights...which happened in the backyard between Rob and Justin. To be fair though, Justin had a completely unfair advantage. He had been outside for a while messing around in the snow before asking Rob to come have a snowball fight with him. When Rob came outside, he quickly realized that Justin had already made MANY snowballs and just kept hitting Rob over and over, not even giving Rob any time to make the first snowball for himself. Needless to say, Justin won the fight and I unfortunately didn't get any pictures of it.

Here's some of the pics I was able to take of our snow day :)

Part of the backyard

The front of the house

One of Justin's snowballs intended for Rob

Also, Justin sent me the link to this video today and I could NOT stop laughing!! First off, the dog just looks like Gizmo, our dog. Secondly, Giz has bad dreams and makes funny noises too, of course not to this extent.....