Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Future Mr. and Mrs. Craig Turman

YAAAAAAY for one of my bridesmaids, Lillian, who got engaged this week!!! She turned 29 on Wednesday and as her present, the Craigger popped the question at Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, TN. For those of you who don't know Lillian, she was my best friend in Nashville. Her and my sister Lindsey went to church together and when she was moving to Nashville, Lindsey told her to give me a call. When she moved up we met up at a place called Amerigo's to have dinner (which is ironic that it was also our last dinner together in Nashville before I moved back) and chatted all night. We quickly became great friends and even found a church together in Nashville that we both loved so dearly and that her and Craig still go to.

Me and ole Lil had a TON of great moments in Nashville, but one of the funniest things Lillian has done that made me laugh my butt off is right when her and Craig started dating. She had been seeing him a couple of times and asked me to go to a Vandy baseball game with them to meet him so he could get the Marcie stamp of approval (Justin also had to get the Lillian stamp of approval as well). I immediately loved Craig because he loved The Office and Lost. I had been trying to get Lillian to watch Lost FOREVER, but she never would. Of course as soon as Craig wants her to watch it, she does....thanks Lil. Anywho, this is not the funny part of the story, that was just about when I first met Craig.

The funny part is this.....

Craig sent Lillian flowers to her office one day and they emailed back and forth talking about it. She tried to forward one of his emails to me and a few other girls saying things like "Ladies...this is the one...he is the guy for me". What Lillian didn't realize until later was that instead of hitting "forward" she hit "reply" and sent it to Craig. I've never seen her face so red.....It was amazing!!! I remember her calling me in a frantic trying to figure out how to "unsend" an email in outlook. By this time Craig had already gotten it and was laughing as well.

These two are so adorable together and complement each other so well. I know they are going to have an incredible marriage. Of course I have to put up a picture of them together and there were several I could have chosen from, but I had to choose this one because it shows off the Craigger's personality (sorry Lil...but I love this pic):

It was at a tacky sweater Christmas Party in 2008. Anyway, Congrats to my friends...I love you both!!! Lillian...I'm already planning my better hope I don't bring up the night at Tin Roof when you left me there all stranded and vulnerable.....

Today's Prayer Request:

1) Today I just want everyone to pray for everyone I work with, including me. We are in high gear, getting close to our deadlines and trying to get everything wrapped up. Please pray for our sanity and the sanity of our spouses/significant others. This is a really hard time for them as well. Just yesterday Justin was upset that I was "no fun" anymore because I am working so much causing me not to get home til 9pm every night. We've got 4 1/2 weeks left of this madness so please pray for us to pull through alive!


Lillian said...

Ok this is my favorite post to date. How sweet are you!! I am laughing and actually crying a little bit right now, thinking about all our memories. You were definitely Craig's biggest fan from the get-go. Remember when I said "why don't you date him?" - classic. For the record, I still don't watch Lost, just the Office. And thanks for the reminder about that awful email. I remember I said he was "sweet and hilarious" so when he replied to the email he wasn't supposed to get, he signed it "Sweet and Hilarious Craig." Gotta love him. And actually that picture of the two of us is what made me laugh the hardest, so well done, my friend. Love a blog shout-out!