Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bring on wedding season 2009!!!

It has officially started! Yes my friends, wedding season 2009 will be in high gear starting next weekend. Allow me to share my schedule with you for the next 2 months:

Friday, March 27th - Tiffany and Trevor's Stock the Bar hosted by Justin and I
Saturday, March 28th - Lindsey and Justin's His and Hers Shower followed by a small bachelorette party for Carina that evening

And yes, that would be 3 showers in one weekend.....moving on....

Friday, April 3rd - Lindsey and Justin's Stock the Bar
Saturday, April 4th - Shower for Carina during the day and Lingerie shower for Tiffany at night

Yes, again, another 3 showers in one weekend....the bad part is that at this point, I'm still working 60 hour weeks!!

Monday, April 6th - Justin turns 27!

Friday, April 10 - Rehearsal and rehearsal dinner for Carina and Jonathan Cash
Saturday, April 11 - Wedding of Carina and Johnny Cash

Saturday, April 18th - 15K at 7am and Wedding of Tiffany and Trevor at night
Sunday, April 19th - Bridal Tea for Lindsey Owens and me and Justin's one year anniversary

Monday, April 20th - Work shower for Ashley Brock

Tuesday, April 21st - My kitchen shower hosted by Mrs. Kelly Owens and Mrs. Lissa Hines

Saturday, April 25th - Wedding of Ashley Brock and Trey Caldwell

Tuesday, April 28th - I turn 26!

I figure that's enough for now. Seriously...every weekend in April is booked! By the time my wedding actually rolls around I'm going to be burnt out on weddings!!!