Monday, October 27, 2008

Chase and Allison's Engagement Party

This weekend was Chase and Allison's engagement party. It was hosted by Devin and Ashley and was at Devin's parents house. We had such a great time. Before the party, Trevor and Tiffany came over to watch the GA/LSU game. (Go Dawgs!!! I cannot stand LSU).

After watching the games we headed over to the Taylor's home to enjoy the celebration for Allison and Chase :)

The happy couple :)

He's my everything <3

The newly engaged couple.....APRIL 18TH!!!!!

A quick shot with the girls :) Ashley is also newly engaged to Devin but I didn't get a chance to get a picture of them at the party! They are getting married in May 2009 at the beach.

It was a great party and a couple of us went out to Pub 261 afterwards, even though it was apparently the night the fire department hosted their Halloween bash and none of us were dressed up :) The next day Trevor and Tiff wanted to go hiking with me and Justin so we went through some trails by The Preserve that go behind Simmons Middle School. We took the dogs, Gizmo and Stanford. There was a point where we had to walk through a rather deep creek on some stones, but the dogs just walked straight through the water. It was fine going across them on the way there, but on the way back Gizmo pulled Justin too hard and Justin fell in the water. It was rather amusing and we were disappointed that non of us pulled out our cameras in time. As Justin says "He pulled a Rob". We say that because whenever we go on our hiking trips and Rob is with us, he usually falls several times each trip. Tiffany and I couldn't help but bust out laughing first! Of all of us, Trevor was the one to ask if Justin was OK. I promise, I'm a good girlfriend, it was just hilarious :)