Monday, October 6, 2008

Case of the Mondays...

I don't know about any of you, but I most certainly am having a horrible case of the Mondays. It's probably because I didn't get too much sleep last night! Rob rented 2 movies last night: 88 and We Are Marshall. He rented We Are Marshall because Justin's church officially started the contemporary service on Sunday and there is a 4 week lesson based on the movie. Rob had never seen it so he went and rented it after the 1st service. Justin hadn't seen it either until I made him watch it last week in preparation for the service. Anyway, while he watched We Are Marshall, I watched 88. In case you haven't heard of 88, it's the movie where Al Pacino plays a forensic psychiatrist for the FBI and after putting a rapist and serial killer in jail, he gets threatening phone calls saying he has 88 minutes to live. WATCH THIS MOVIE!!! I love Al Pacino's movies anyway, but I especially loved this one. I'm a big thriller fan and this movie keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time trying to figure out "who did it".

In other exciting news, Justin informed me last week that he had planned a trip for us in November. On November 7th through the 9th, we were suppose to be in DC because Justin was going to have to go to DC for a training class the next week and we were going to fly up early to enjoy the city a little bit. He changed the class and is now taking one in San Jose, CA next week so since we had that weekend open, he planned a trip for us. This is very unfortunate for me.....mainly because he won't tell me where we're going. I thought of a place off the bat that I thought it was, but he swears up and down that we are not going there, so I'm trying to think of where else we would be going, but I'm having a hard time. Here are the clues I was given:

  • The destination is in either the Central or Eastern time zone
  • We have a connecting flight through Detroit
  • I have to be at the house by 4pm on Friday in order to get to the airport in time
  • We will arrive at the final destination around 11pm
  • We won't get back Sunday night until close to 11pm
  • There is a 3 hour layover in Detroit
  • We are flying Delta or one of their alliance airlines
  • The high at this place in November is in the mid 50's and the low is in the 30's
  • He refuses to tell me if there is a National Park involved
  • When I ask him if he's been there before his answer is "I have and I haven't" (What the crap does that mean??????)
  • I have a window seat for all 4 flights
  • There will be some flying on small 50 passenger jet planes

Does anyone have a clue of what it could be??? Because I'm stumped. I've thought of a couple of ideas, but all of those ideas seem to get turned down. Justin is having a GREAT time torturing me about this by the way. We'll be watching TV or something and out of nowhere he'll say "Hey babe....we're going on a trip". His face just lights up when he talks about it. I can tell he's excited about surprising me, so I'm trying not to think about it anymore and let it be a surprise....but man it's hard!!!! Bottom line.....I HAVE THE BEST BOYFRIEND ON THE PLANET :)