Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Zoo Day With Cousins

It’s been unusually warm this week in Alabama.  Pre-kids, I loved winter.  I mean, L-O-V-E-D winter.  Then I had kids.  Winter means kids can’t really go outside and play because it’s too cold which means they stay inside and drive mama crazy, therefore, mama now hates winter.  But on MLK day, the high was close to 70 degrees so Justin and I decided to take the kids to the zoo since we hadn’t been in a while.  My sister also came and brought my niece and nephew.  We had a blast.  We were there for SIX HOURS!  I can’t believe Garrett made it through, but he did.  Talk about a low maintenance baby!!!  Here’s a few pictures:


This is my nephew Anderson, myself and Carter in my lap, and my niece Lydia.  Garrett is sleeping in the stroller!


Checking out the giraffes!


Those sweet kiddos!!

 IMG_8950 IMG_8951

On the left is all the kids (sans Garrett since he’s sleeping) and myself and my sister Lindsey.  On the right is me and Garrett waiting in line for the train.  He had just eaten before this and stayed awake for maybe a whopping 30 minutes but right before we got on the train he ended up doing this:

IMG_8955IMG_8954  IMG_8960IMG_8956 IMG_8959 

On the left is Garrett in an Auburn cutout.  Justin and I looked at the thing and were amazed at how insanely small that hole was for the head.  We were sure Garrett’s huge cheeks wouldn’t fit.  He just barely fit so you can imagine how upset older kids may have been if they couldn’t fit their face through!  And on the right is Carter sleeping on the ride home.  See, he was good most of the day, but around when he usually takes a nap, he was starting to get SUPER cranky.  It was around the same time that I looked around and tons of kids were getting cranky and getting in trouble by their parents.  I told my sister “yep, it’s definitely naptime at the zoo!”.  We had a very fun day and Carter was loving being with his cousins.  He loves Anderson and Lydia!


Joy said...

One day we will have to join y'all at the zoo. Avery loves to people watch, and loves kids. So when we went in September, she was checking out people and kids instead of looking at the animals. Ha!