Thursday, June 14, 2012

Picture Dump and Updates

Y’all I have gotten so bad about taking pictures of Carter with my actual camera.  It’s just so easy to take them with my phone now.  So I have a ton of pictures on my phone, some of which I upload to Facebook and some I don’t.  So I figured it was time to put them on the blog so that I’ll always have them to look at.  Also, a little update of what is going on in the Morris household since it’s been almost two weeks since I’ve blogged:

  • Last night (June 13th) I noticed that Carter was cutting his very first pearly white.  I was with him in the bathroom taking off his clothes and diaper to get ready for his bath and he put my finger in his mouth.  This isn’t unusual, he puts anything within reach in his mouth if he can and he particularly loves my fingers.  But when he put my finger in there and bit down, it hurt.  I felt jagged edges.  I assumed there was a tooth and confirmed it as soon as I looked in his mouth.  I’ve been trying nonstop since then to take a picture but every time I pull his lip down he sticks his tongue out and covers the tooth.  One day I’ll get it and I’ll share it then.
  • Last week I got SUPER sick.  On Sunday night (6.3.12) I woke up at 2am in the morning and felt awful so I took my temp and it was 102.  I went back to bed in hopes that that fever would break while I slept.  Not so much.  When I woke up the next morning it was 101.  No idea why, but I went about my day as usual.  Took Carter to Nana’s and then went to work.  We had a staff meeting and I had to leave about halfway through the meeting because I felt awful.  I managed to get about 3 hours of work done before I decided there was no way I could make it and went home.  Took my temp when I got home and it was back up to 102.  So I laid in bed most of the afternoon.  Around 2pm it was just BAD.  I mean, my head felt like it had been hit with a baseball bat and I was hot/cold/hot/cold and had the chills, which I knew was the fever.  I took my temp again and it was 104.7 (took it three times and it ranged from 102 to 104…why do thermometers do that?).  I immediately called my mom and told her to come pick me up and take me to the doctor.  At the doc, my temp was only 102.8 but I tested negative for flu and strep.  He said I had a very very bad sinus infection that never went away (I had an infection the last week but couldn’t take anything because I was breastfeeding so I guess it never really went away).  I got a shot and some antibiotics and went back home.  My mom said she would get Carter from my MIL’s house and keep him at her house overnight.  I was so grateful because seriously, I could barely walk.  There was no way I could keep up with a 5 month old with a husband out of town.  I thought I’d be better the next day but the temp only went down to 101.5.  It took three days for me to feel 100% again.  Three friggin days.  Thank God for our mothers who took care of Carter when I couldn’t!!
  • Justin has been traveling more than normal at this time of year, he’s been out of town the last 5 of 6 weeks.  He’s running a 3 day 60 mile race in Chattanooga this weekend and he’ll be home on Father’s Day.  Once he comes home then, he’ll be home for two straight weeks before leaving again to go to Seattle to climb Rainier.  YAY!!!  I feel like my husband is in the military sometimes, except I do get to see him on the weekends.  Carter lights up when he sees daddy.  You can tell he misses him when he’s gone.  I love watching them together when Justin comes home.
  • We are about to introduce solid foods once Justin gets back from Chattanooga.  Don’t you worry, I’ll be getting it on video!
  • Next week I have to go out of town for two days for CPE for work.  This will be Justin’s first time having Carter overnight by himself.  It won’t be a big deal though since Carter is such a good sleeper.  Justin keeps him by himself frequently when he’s in town so this isn’t a huge milestone or anything.  But for me, it’ll be like a mini-vacation :)
  • My nephew, Anderson, turns 6 next Friday.  I can’t believe it!  I swear he was just born.  His birthday party is at the McWane Center in Birmingham.  I’m so excited to take Carter there.  He’s definitely too young to play with anything but Carter is HUGE on observing things.  He really really loves looking at things that move and bright colors.  I think he’ll be in for a treat.
  • I’ve made the decision (and been approved) to become a part-time employee at work next year starting in January.  I will be paid hourly and my hours won’t be near as much.  During busy season, when we usually have 60 hour weeks, I will max out at 51, which really isn’t bad.  I’ll just get to work right at 8, work through lunch and leave at 6.  Outside of busy season, I’ll be working 34 hours a week which means I’ll have every Friday off from April-December instead of only every other Friday off from April-August like we do every summer.  This will be HUGE for me and Justin.  As much as Justin travels, I can’t be working that much next year.  It would put way too big a burden on my mother-in-law and I didn’t have a baby for him to be raised by someone else.  I’m really looking forward to spending the extra time with my munchkin.

Ok now for the picture dump:


On the left:  He ALWAYS sleeps on his tummy now.  He’s never on his back anymore.  And in this picture you can see what I was talking about in Carter’s 5 month post about “sleeping on his knees”.

On the right:  Lately, Carter likes to get all up in a corner when he sleeps.  This is his favorite corner of the crib.  He has been getting limbs stuck between the slats in the crib so we recently purchased the breathable mesh bumpers. 


Justin sent me this picture while I was at work one day and said “His name is Carlos”.  Hahaha!!!  Love the Hangover.  And this was Carter’s first time in the Baby Bjorn facing outwards.  He loves it!


Like daddy like son


Lazy kids


This was on a walk around the neighborhood in the Bjorn.  Carter is now recognizing my cell phone and constantly wants to play with it.  My sister got an I-Phone Cover with rattles around it that makes it safe for your baby to play with your I-Phone.  I don’t have one, I’m still rockin the blackberry, but maybe it’s time to put that toy on Justin’s phone.


This is just before bed.  How sweet is he?!?!


This is the canvas I mentioned in a previous post that I purchased on etsy.  LOVE IT!


Probably my favorite picture of me and my little thumb sucker.


Our first trip to the neighborhood pool.  We took the golf cart over there.  Carter also LOVES golf cart rides.


My boys :)


“Mommy, this is the biggest bathtub I’ve ever seen!!!!”


I thought he would be totally against the cold water in the pool since he’s only used to warm water in a bathtub, but he was shockingly fine with it!  He had a good time.  I’ll probably wait to take him again until he’s able to sit up without assistance and then he can sit up in the baby pool for a long time and keep himself entertained. 


Lindsey Scott said...

Love the sunglasses pics! That's awesome you get to work pt. I did that for 9 mo after Sawyer was born and it was a good balance. Lunch where you want one day, a play date the next!