Monday, May 21, 2012

The Twins Get Baptized

Me and Justin’s nieces, Cynthia and Celia, were supposed to get baptized with Carter, however God had other plans!  Poor Cynthia got hand, foot and mouth disease (which is INCREDIBLY contagious) so Jen left the girls at home and Carter got baptized all on his lonesome.  Well, the girls got baptized yesterday with a party following the service at Gordon and Debbie’s house.  I chose to not stand at the front with the family during the baptism because I felt like Jen and Aeron would want pictures of this moment, so instead, I sat on the front row and took pictures for them:


Just like when Carter got baptized, the twins had both pastors present for the baptism.  After they were baptized, Don went back over to the contemporary service.


Cynthia getting baptized


Now it’s Celia’s turn


Love this close up of Cynthia looking at her mommy


Jen and Aeron with the grandparents


Jen’s lifelong friends, the Heath’s


Carter wasn’t present to watch his cousins get baptized, he was in the nursery.  But he came back after the service for cousin pictures :)


When we got married, Justin and I got a brick in the church courtyard (like Aeron and Jen did when they got married).  We all recently got bricks for our kids to go next to our bricks and they were installed this week.  Love it!!


We had a mexican themed lunch at Debbie and Gordon’s house after church.  YUMMY!!


And yet ANOTHER Edgar’s cake.  At least this one wasn’t at my house for me to eat the leftovers!!


I just love this picture of Carter and Pastor Don.  Don married me and Justin and was also at the hospital for Carter’s birth.  We love their family and Carter LOVES Don and his wife Ina.  They make him laugh like no one can!! Even me or Justin!!