Monday, February 28, 2011

Only Two Posts in February?

Really??? I guess this post technically makes three, but this goes to show you how slammed I've been at work. I'm hoping it's going to die down after next week. I'll keep my fingers crossed that this week is our last 60 hour week, but with the March 15th deadline two weeks away, it may be another two weeks before the craziness stops. Oh well, it's only a couple of weeks. I can handle it :)

This past weekend I went to my mom's house and hung out with Anderson and Lydia for a little bit. I had to work in the morning so I didn't get there until almost 1pm and that's about when they go down for a nap, so I only got to hang out with them for an hour tops. I hated having to leave while they were asleep. I'm sure they were wondering where I was when they woke up. I heart these kids as if they were my own.


Yes, I am wearing a Dunder Mifflin shirt. I wore it to work that morning too and got a ton of comments on it. Justin bought it for me when he went ice fishing with the boys in Wisconsin.

My mom made some cupcakes for Valentine's Day, a little late I know, but she had the mix for it so why not? They were so good. The kids loved them too. Lydia's face was permanently full of icing. Anderson was a little more careful about eating his, but little girl didn't care one bit!



Justin ran a 50k at Mount Cheaha on Saturday. It took him 7 hours and 40 minutes. He is insane when it comes to this running stuff. At mile 28, there was almost 6,000 feet of elevation gain. That's like climbing a mountain people! And he ran it!! Well, I guess he technically crawled it. He said there was a point where he was on his hands and knees because of the elevation. I wish I could run that much, but I just can't. A half-marathon is about all I aspire to do, thank you very much :)

Nothing major happened this weekend, but it was certainly great to see the kids, it's been over a month since I'd seen them last. Also we were able to hang out with friends Melanie and her fiance Wade at their new townhome as well as Yarbrough and my best buddy Carina. By the way, Carina and I are taking a girls trip to New York City mid-June. We've been saying we would do this forever but just never got around to it. We FINALLY got around to it. We've both booked our flights and Justin is using points for our hotel, but should be booking that any day now. When I have more time, I'll blog more about our trip to Rome and the mystery city in May as well as this trip to NYC, my 5th visit there :) Can you tell its my favorite city?