Friday, November 6, 2009

Wedding Album

Our wedding album came in earlier this week! I just went to Amelia's studio to pick it up today and it is fabulous, as is everything Mrs. Strauss does! Below are some of my favorite pages, but you really have to see it in person to fall in love with it, because pictures don't do it justice. The first picture is of the chocolate brown leather front cover that I took a picture of with my phone. The rest are pictures that Amelia sent me before we ordered it. Enjoy :)

There's a bunch more pages, but those are just some of my favs. I'm obviously a HUGE fan of the pages that one picture takes up both pages. Not sure why I love that so much, but I do :) I also love how big the album is! I don't have a ruler handy so I can give exact measurements, but its about the length of my elbow to the tip of my middle finger. Which makes the one picture spreads that much more FABULOUS!

I have a couple of things to mark off my list but I'll save that for another post. Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!! ROLL TIDE!


Lauren K. said...

your album looks great!! Definitely captured all the fun we had!!