Monday, September 15, 2008

Another Successful Saturday

This past weekend was a good weekend for the Tide. Defeat of Western Kentucky 41-7 made me feel a little better about my team. Yes, it was Western Kentucky and they kind of suck anyway, but I'm very happy that we beat them as much as we did and that it was by no means, a close race :) We had people over as our usual Saturday ritual. There was a lot more people than usual this week. I put a couple of pictures below to sum up the day:

Me and Justin before everyone came over for the games
This is me and my running buddy Margaret

My BFF for 13, almost 14 years graced us with her presence :)

Just a quick shot of everyone watching the Auburn game in the backyard. It was such a blast!

For those of you that are regulars to the gameday parties on Saturdays, it may be a while before we do it again. Justin and I will be out of town for the next 3 gamedays....sorry :( On Thursday, I'm driving to Lakewood Park, FL to go to Florida's highest point so that I can knock that one off my list. It's on the way to the Pensacola airport which is where I am picking Justin up when he flies in from Oklahoma. We'll drive from Pensacola to Gulf Shores to meet my family.

The next weekend is the Auburn vs. UT game. Justin and I will be going to Auburn (again) for this game. The weekend after that is the Auburn vs. Vandy game and we will also be going to that. I am really excited about that game because it is in Nashville and I get to see my Lillian and the Craigger!!! And it will be the first time I've been back since I'm moved to Birmingham. I know, it hasn't been that long, but I kind of miss Nashville. Granted, I would never move back because too much of my life is here, but I do miss it sometimes.

Oh and a quick funny story. I just talked to my sister on the phone who told me that her and Jeff and Anderson went to eat dinner one night recently and two guys walked in wearing jeans and a polo shirt and Anderson completely turned around and stared for a minute and looked back at Lindsey and Jeff and started saying something. It took them a little bit to figure out what he was saying but they figured out that he was saying "That's Justin, that's Justin". I LOVE MY NEPHEW!!!!


Lauren K. said...

See... there is love between AU/AL!

Hope you have a BLAST at the beach!

Lil said...

And we can't wait for you to get here! That weekend is going to be so much fun, so prepare yourself! Hope you guys have a blast beaching it this weekend!

Lillian said...

Love the new blog style! And that picture of you two totally looks like an engagement photo.