Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Carter’s Swim Lesson

2 weeks ago, Carter had his first swim lessons.  We did them at the YMCA by our house and it was for a two week period, Monday through Thursday from 9-9:45am.  Carter isn’t afraid of the water.  He loves swimming with his puddle jumper on.  But we knew he needed to work on the way you are supposed to swim.  Kicking legs, moving arms, holding your breath.  Those things.  He also isn’t a huge fan of his whole head going underwater, so we knew he needed to get more comfortable with that too.  All of this was worked on during his lessons.  He had a great teacher!  There were 4 kids in his class one week and 5 the next week.  It didn’t take long to realize that what Carter needs to work on most is closing his mouth.  He gets so excited about being in the water and his mouth is wide open grinning and laughing and then he gets upset when he swallows a mouthful of chlorine water. 

Overall, he did awesome at swim lessons.  He still can’t swim 100% by himself, but those lessons definitely got him more comfortable with kicking and using his arms and floating in the deep end without us and jumping into the pool knowing his face will go completely underwater.  He likes it so much that he wants his bathtub full of water during bathtime so that he can “practice”.

Here’s a few pics I was able to snap of him during his lessons:



Fun times!!!  We will probably enroll him in the same swim classes again next summer as a refresher and maybe then he will be more willing to take the little life float off his back. 


Stephanie said...

Cute! I definitely think we need to sign Chloe up for lessons next year. That's awesome to hear how much he improved in such a short amount of time.