Monday, November 12, 2012

Christmas Cards

Oh how I love this time of year!!  It’s time to order Christmas cards!  I didn’t get to do this last year because I was 1,000 months pregnant and waiting daily for Carter to make his debut.  I kept putting it off because I was going to combine a Christmas card and his birth announcement in the same card.  Of course he surprised the heck out of all of us and went past his due date and I had to be induced to get him out.  I’m not bitter ;)

Anyway, so now we are a family of three and I was so looking forward to getting some good family pictures for a Christmas card.  My sister usually does our pictures, but she’s in Tuscaloosa and is super busy right now, not to mention a little thing called Alabama Football makes doing anything in Tuscaloosa on a weekend next to impossible :)  So instead of asking her to come all the way to Birmingham, I just had a girl I work with that has gotten a  recent interest in photography come take a few snaps of us.  I wouldn’t even call this a photo session.  It took less than 3o minutes and was super informal.  We met Jaime at the Ross Bridge trail on Saturday around 2pm (this scenery may look familiar because it’s where our maternity session was - see that post here).  She hasn’t finished playing and editing with all of the pictures yet, but here’s a couple she’s sent me already:

2 fixed4 fixed5 fixed


5a fixed

That smile is seriously infectious!!

8 fixed

The kid LOVES to eat mommy’s necklaces!!!

9 fixed

Those blue eyes!!!  BE STILL MY HEART!

Edit 1

I am SO happy with the way they turned out!  And these are only the ones she’s sent me so far.  There’s still many she took that she just hasn’t gotten to yet!  So glad Jaime did this for us and allowed us to be her hobby guinea pigs!!

So once I get the other pictures I will pick my favorites and order our card!!  Next step…decorating for Christmas!!!  I’m enlisting my mother’s help and kicking my hubby and baby to the curb so we can get the house decorated and ready without interruptions.  Don’t worry, I’m not decorating anything until after Thanksgiving.  Well, day before Thanksgiving at the absolute earliest :)


Mrs. K said...

Wow! These are great photos! It looks like you'll have a lot of options when it comes to picking the pics for your cards. We really need to get on this too before it gets too late.

Joy said...

These are all wonderful! And yes, that smile is too cute not to smile back!!

Jenny Strickland said...

I love these Marcie!!! He is so precious! And y'all are such a beautiful family!

Melissa said...

Love these! She did a great job! I'm sure you'll have a wonderful Christmas card!

Jamie said...

OH my gosh, adorableness! LOVE! <333

Fiona aka DRMama said...

These photos are all soooo good!!! You must be so happy with them. You are going to have a perfect family Christmas card. Carter looks like such a happy boy! :)

Lauren Kelly said...

These are great!!

Sarah said...

GREAT great pictures. We have ours Saturday and I'm so pumped! His eyes are just to die for. :)