Friday, November 2, 2012

Habitat for Humanity 2012

Every year, my firm sponsors a house for Habitat for Humanity and every year, our employees pick a day to work on that house until the house is built.  There’s usually a group of 10-12 people that volunteer every Thursday for about 3 months until the house if finished.  I usually sign up towards the end of the time frame because it falls in October/November and is much cooler than it is in the burning summer of the south.  Also, towards the end you work on things like landscaping and painting as opposed to putting in siding on the house and doing insulation.  I did siding and insulation one year and it was AWFUL.

Here’s a few pics of our team that worked yesterday.  I LOVED every person that went yesterday.  It was like we all purposely signed up for the same day because these are all my absolute favorite people at my firm.  Made for a fun day full of inside jokes :)


Some of my favorite gals!!  Ashley, Julie, myself and Mindy


Our team for that day (minus a couple of people that had to come a little later)


We started the morning by laying sod.  We had to rake the dirt to get the gravel and dirt all even and mixed in before laying the sod.


This was interesting and Julie felt the need to document with my camera because I had an ax in my hand.  There was one part of the ground that was rock hard and we had to use the ax to break it loose.  Naturally I started trying but didn’t do to well, so Stephen had to step in and do it for me.


It’s like watching a movie in slow motion :)


The guy in the flannel shirt is Bill.  He was the site supervisor that watched us and gave us instructions to make sure we were doing things correctly.


Ken carrying some dirt with a huge smile on his face…pretty sure he knew I was taking a picture!


Me and Mindy laying sod


Ashley said it best “laying sod is like playing Tetris!!”


Me and Ash


This is the house!  It’s in Calera, Alabama


After finishing the yard, we moved inside and split into teams.  Some of us did tiling and the others did the hardwoods in the living room.


I cannot begin to explain to you how many accountants and how many hours it took those accountants to cut the tile to match the baseboard of the door EXACTLY.  This is why we are accountants and not builders :)


Fiona aka DRMama said...

This is so great that your company does this!! And awesome that you help out! I am sure the family that gets the house is going to be thrilled!! It looks great!