Monday, July 16, 2012

Cooper Turns One

My sweet nephew Cooper turned one year old on July 13th.  Most of you know that my sister, Cooper’s mom, lives in Tampa, FL while the rest of our family lives in Alabama.  My mom was going to drive down to Tampa last Thursday and stay the weekend to be there for his party and drive home on Sunday.  She was going to be the only family member on our side there because none of the rest of us could make it to Florida.  Or so they thought.

To my mom and to Jennifer’s complete and total surprise and shock, I walked through Jen’s front door about 3o minutes before the party started.  I saw my mom first (she was in the kitchen) and she had the most confused look on her face and said “What?  What are you doing here?”.  She was so surprised she was stuttering.  Then Jennifer came into the kitchen (she was on the phone in their office and the doors are glass so she saw me enter the house but couldn’t come running just yet because she was on the phone).  When she got off the phone she ran into the kitchen and said the same thing “What are you doing here?!?!?”.  I had just gotten off the phone with her not even 30 minutes before that to tell her that I hope Cooper had a great birthday party.  When I got off the phone with her, I told her I had to go because Carter was crying for me, when in reality, I was walking out of my hotel and to my rental car to drive to her house.  I love surprises!!!  My sweet mom cried.  It was awesome.

So anyway, I was able to go to Cooper’s first birthday party!!  I was so excited.  Here’s some pictures of the day (his party was Mickey Mouse themed-he LOVES Mickey):


No birthday party is complete without the pictures hanging of how much a baby changes from being a newborn to turning one!


He’s so sweet!!!  Jen even had a shirt for him with Mickey on it that had “Cooper” written in the Disney font!




All the girls at the party wanted to watch chick flicks.


Pretty girls lined up in a row watching The Little Mermaid II.  Had no idea there was even a second movie to that.


Love this picture of my mom, Jennifer and me. 


The food table


The adults had some YUMMY sandwiches and the kids got peanut butter and jelly Mickey Mouse sandwiches.


On the left is Cooper’s cake that he got to dig into and on the right are the best cupcakes EVER.  Jennifer made them herself and they were INCREDIBLE.  I may or may not have eaten about 6 of them.


She also had a bib made for him!


Not really sure what to think about the huge cake in front of him…


He really liked the icing


He took all the icing off the first layer.  Jennifer had to take his hand and put it in the batter part of the cake for him.


I’m worn out mommy.  I need a nap from all this sugar and excitement!


Cute enough?!?!?


Naturally he got it all over his body


On the left, completely excited and happy.  On the right, totally silent and barely moving…the sugar crash officially set in. 


I have no idea who this little girl is nor do I know her parents, but she fell asleep in her daddy’s lap just like this.  HILARIOUS!!!!

I only stayed for the duration of the party and little bit afterwards.  I left at 4 to head back to the airport to fly home.  It was a quick trip, but well worth it.  I didn’t want to miss  Coop’s first birthday!!!