Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Big Fat Belly - 28 Weeks

Bye bye second trimester, hello THIRD!!!  I’m in the final leg of this journey and so ready for it to be over!!  Not too much has changed since week 27.  My back has started to hurt a little more, but it’s nothing that a sweet little heating pad or hot bubble bath can’t fix.  No swelling yet, thankfully.  Belly button is still tucked in and I am obviously not good at estimating when it will start poking out so I won’t even try.  Sleep is still pretty good and it’s awesome that it’s as good as it is UNMEDICATED.   For a while I was having to take Tylenol PM to be able to sleep through back pain and sometimes I would just take Unisom (no pain reliever in it, just a sleep aid) on nights that I couldn’t sleep.   But in the last probably month or so, I’ve been able to sleep just fine without anything.  I know that won’t last so I’m soaking it in while I can. 

It’s starting to get difficult to eat full meals.  I get full pretty quickly because I’m running out of room.  I can snack on foods with the best of em’, but I can rarely sit down and eat a whole dinner.  I’m still keeping up my exercise routine, though I haven’t done as much this week as the past several.  Weekends are the best days for me to exercise because I can do it in the morning.  I’ve been so busy with work that I’m not getting home until 6pm or later and by then I’m starving and have to eat and after I eat, I’m so full and too tired to do anything.  So I’ve been slacking a little this week, but that’s not because of pregnancy, it’s just because I’m busy.  I still plan to walk about 10 miles before Sunday.

Justin gets a kick out of watching my stomach move when Carter kicks.  He’ll just stare at it and say “BAM” every time he sees it move.  It’s quite hilarious.  The other night, while he was “BAM”-ing, he looked straight at me as if he’d seen a ghost and said “Babe…have you seen your stomach lately?”  Immediately I wanted to laugh at him…yes thank you, I see it every second of every day because it’s gigantic.  Anyway, he said “oh my gosh there’s a huge line going down the center of it!!!”  He hadn’t seen the line yet and had never even heard of it and the surprise and shock in his voice made me laugh.  I explained what the line was to him and he said “well….I love you and all, but will that go away when he’s born?”.  Gotta love my husband.

And Carter is kicking all the time now.  He’s running out of room just like I am and now I can feel most of his movements instead of just the ones that happened to be hitting the uterine wall.  He’s gotten big enough where I can feel most anything now.  My strapping young lad is about 2 1/2 pounds and can open and close his eyes (which are sporting eyelashes apparently).  Because he can now open his eyes, they say he is sensitive to light.  Some moms shine a flashlight on their stomachs to get the baby to move because the light will cause the baby to move away from it out of reflex.  For some reason this little test just seems kind of morbid to me and I just want him to be comfy, so I haven’t done the whole “shine a flashlight on your belly and watch him move” thing yet.  Not to say I won’t later, I just can’t get over the thought that it seems kind of mean right now.  But I’m sure if there’s ever a day where I haven’t felt him move at all and I get worried, I’ll be whipping out a flashlight like it’s no one’s business making sure he’s okay.   

For my 28 weeks picture….(and in case you’re curious, the TV in the picture isn’t the main TV in the living room and it doesn’t normally go there.  We brought in two extra TV’s into the living room for football season so that we could keep up with all the SEC games since most of them are on at the same time).

28 weeks

The invitations for my first shower went out this week.  I haven’t actually gotten mine yet because they forgot our address changed, so I’ll probably get it today.  But my sister got hers and sent me a picture of it.  It’s so cute!!!


LOVE IT!!!  The ladies hosting the shower for me are so awesome and crafty.  I know I’m going to have a blast at this shower and I’m really glad it’s my first one!  I think this will be the shower where I get most of my gifts because of the number of people invited to it. 

I’m so ready to do more in his room, but honestly, a lot of the decorative things I want to do can’t be done until after he’s born.  There’s going to be a collage of organic bloom frames with his newborn pictures in them above his crib, but obviously he has to get here first for us to do that.  Also, my sister is going to paint a canvas to hang above his dresser that will have his full name, birth date, weight, height, etc.  Again, kind of need him here to be able to know those things.  I’m sure his room will look more full once we start getting gifts and putting them in his room though.

That’s about it for now.  Until next week….or maybe the next week….


Jenny said...

You look great! As always!

Love the invitations! They are super cute!

We need to bring in extra TVs for football on Saturday! Adam would LOVE that! =)

Hope you have a great week!

The Langham's said...

You look great. And, the multiple TV's for football season cracked me up. That's a good idea. Ha.

Lauren K said...

Love your fall decorations!