Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day..

...From my amazingly wonderful husband!


Today, Justin and I are going to church and then to lunch with his parents and Jen and Aeron (our Sunday tradition, at least when Justin and Gordon are in town). Then, we're going to meet the Lobdell's at the YMCA in Pelham. We've been thinking about joining the Y for several reasons. I want to be able to take some classes like Yoga, Pilates, and even dance classes! Another reason we wanted to join is because of the pool. Justin and I are going to start some vigorous training soon for Kilimanjaro. It's a very intense hike and people usually train for months and months and months before heading over there for the 6 day long hike. Justin just bought a book called "Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro" and the people that wrote it trained for seven months!!! Anyway, swimming laps is the best cardio workout you can do so we wanted somewhere with a pool to be able to do that.

Yesterday we went to the Vestavia YMCA brach. It was kind of a blast from the past for us. It use to be SportsFirst back in high school and my church, First Baptist Church of Hoover, had a lock-in there my freshman year in high school. Justin came, and even though I knew him before then because he dated my sister (yes, we still talk about that at times) that was the first time we started liking each other. We flirted during the whole lock-in and after that was when we started walking home together from school. It was certainly strange to go back there and see it now that we're MARRIED!

On top of using a pool for that purpose, Justin has signed up for a triathalon at Oak Mountain on June 12, 2010, where he has to do a 750 meter swim. When we were getting certified for diving, we had to do a 250 meter swim. I LOVE swimming and could do it forever, but Justin isn't that much of a fan and when he did his 250 meter swim, he was tired afterwards, so he's a little nervous about a 750 meter swim. He's planning on swimming laps in the mornings before he goes to work and then doing an actual workout with me when I get off work at night. Even though we're going to the Pelham YMCA today, on a normal day we'll be going to the Shades Valley branch because it's closer to our home.

Tonight, I am making Justin a yummy dinner and then we're heading to the Comedy Club to see Etta Mae. I have no idea who she is, but going to the Comedy Club is something I've wanted to do since moving back to Birmingham because I've never been, so I'm really excited! Justin managed to reserve us one of the tables for only two people so we'll get some sort of privacy :)

I hope everyone has a very Happy Valentine's Day today!!

p.s. I put two more videos on the "Flashback Friday" by request :)