Sunday, September 6, 2009


Yesterday was the first gameday in the 2009 college football season! Well, actually Thursday was the first gameday, but for our teams, yesterday was the first. Auburn beat LA Tech 37-13 and the Tide beat VA Tech 34-24. As a tide fan, I was a little disappointed in our team. Not that they were playing horrible or anything, but the entire first half was just a kicking game. I'm hoping they'll do better next week.

Justin and I went over to our friends Tiffany and Trevor's house. Trevor is a UGA fan so we went over to watch UGA play Oklahoma State, unfortunately they didn't get a "W" like the tigers and the tide. Here's a few pics from our day!

Me and Tiffany Lobdell. We were two of the few Bama fans at her house that day. The vast majority of our friends are Auburn fans.

Me and the hubs before the games started. Auburn fans (the husbands) watched the game in the garage while Bama fans (the wives) got HD in the living room :) Do the wives run these house divided marriages or what?

Me and Tiff with our Auburn friend Shelly. We don't hold it against her :) The three of us and our husbands along with our other friends Bonnie and Andrew (who are getting married in June 2010) are going on a cruise to Cozumel on October 22nd. We are all SO excited!

Me and Tiffany posing with little man. This is Vaughn Morris, Sam and Shelly's son. He was definitely the hit of the gameday party. And he loves the women!

Next weekend I will be going into tiger territory to watch Auburn play Mississippi State. I have no problem rooting for long as they aren't playing Bama. Justin has learned to not purposely root for the team playing against Alabama, especially in front of me. We can totally watch games with each other, except for Ironbowl. I don't know that my husband and I will EVER watch the Ironbowl at the same house :)


A Bride In Boots said...

Love the new layout! Any by the way, I picked that verse that your rings are displayed on... It's Phillipians 1:3 - "I thank my God upon every remembrance of you." So perfect for a wedding day!

Anonymous said...

Man those sure are pretty flowers you and Morris are in front of!! And by the way I love the tripple chin picture

Justin and Marcie said...

Tiffany is there a reason you put anonymous??? 2 things gave you away - 1) you called him Morris and only you and Trevor call him that and 2) the double chin comment because that's what you said when Shelly took the picture. BUSTED.

The Williamson's said...

You're scrapblog turned out AWESOME!!